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Simplicity leads to Real Life as defined in Sahaj Marg

Simplicity reveals the real state of a man. To live in tune with Nature is simplicity. It is not as easy as we think so. Man has gathered 'un-naturality' (artificiality) around him in the name of day by day evolution. Some articles which we treat them this year as unnecessary and luxuries have become necessities for the next year. Costly dresses like professional suiting, ornaments, TVs, Internet, Car etc., which we looked as luxurious in the yesteryears, have now became necessary things.  Now it became difficult to decide which is luxury and which is the simple need. The economical status of a man may decide which the luxury is, and which the simple need is.
Man has strayed away a long distance from simplicity. We are now in a stage of comparative simplicity.  We know the result of leading luxurious life crossing our earning capacity. We will be drowned in debts. We feel self reproach when once leading a luxurious life have fallen down to lead a pathetic life afterwards. This stage makes the life miserable. Therefore one must be in a position to lead his life according to his economical status, save some money and utilize it for social services.
Though our elders, well wishers, environmentalists, our government and other charity organizations are rightfully advising the public about simplicity and adopting a lifestyle with the minimalist attitude along with a mindset for serving the needy people, many people are least bothered about such noble things and instead they are spending huge amounts exceeding their financial capacity, just for the sake of vanity in marriages, birthday parties etc., thereby drowning themselves  in huge debts. In many cases, especially in the middle-class families, the people who spend a lot for the sake of pride may not be doing such things whole heartedly but they are trying to copy others and are trying to meet others' expectations in an unhealthy and comparative lifestyle.
Rich people may not come across such problems or phases in their life, but it is not desirable for them too, to spend huge amounts for the said purposes only for grandeur, pomp and glory. Some virtuous rich people are simply performing the above functions and allotting their saved money for orphanage homes or to some charities. Some of them are enjoying the said functions along with the orphans and thereby they are feeling self satisfaction. It is better if all the rich people in this world follow the above said example.
Revered Masters in this world, from all the good religions, have given their advice in this respect. There are so many such masters (Gurus) who lived in India and have guided the masses. Prophets like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sri Swamy Vivekananda, Sri RamaChandraji Maharaj are all the examples. Sri RamaChandraji is the most recent Guru among the above mentioned masters, who has simplified the 'Ashtanga Yoga' of the sage Patanjali into Sahaj Marg system for the benefit of the common man. He also formulated ten tenets of Sahaj Marg, in which 'Simplicity' is one.
Everybody must feel that the wealth they possess today is the gift of God and he should feel himself as a trustee to such wealth and utilize the said money for the noble causes. This idea having crept in mind, the people will tend to do virtuous deeds and will be against pomp and glory.
One of the wise men said that wealth is like a pit in the sand of a river.  If the water in it is removed, fresh good water will ooze continuously.  Likewise the wealth also increases.  Elders say that Goddess Lakshmi will not stay with the people who spend money for luxuries and for vices.  In this regard we should also keep one thing in our mind that if a person who won't use his wealth even for his basic necessities like sufficient food, clothing etc., may be remarked as 'Miser'.  So one must properly utilize his wealth.
Mahatma Ramachandraji has said that possessing things is not bad, but having undue attachment with those things is bad. The true sense of His saying is one must lead his life simply in touch with Spirituality, even when he is having wealth or not. Simplicity is a sacred thought.  We cannot call a man as simple by his dress. This is an essential inherent state of real man.
A saint called 'Ajagara' told 'Prahlada' that he does not mind if he wears a leather or silk cloth, whether he goes by a chariot or by walk it is  immaterial  to him, to have sandal paste or the dust on his body, it is the same to him. He also did not mind to sleep on cushion bed or on rock. He treats scolding and respect as one. He eats sweets and bitters with equal happiness.  He neither feels happy nor sorrow for riches and poverty. He won't blame or praise others for his benefits. He lives with contentment without becoming the slave for his wishes.  He remains stoic.
To lead such a kind of simple life is the real life. To have such happy life with contentment, one should better follow Sahaj Marg, the method formulated by Mahatma Sri Ramachandraji Maharaj of Shajahanpur.  For other details of this Sahajmarg System, please refer to the other articles on this website.
Courtesy: Sri Policharla Subbarayudu (Preceptor) and Sri B.E. Sampath Kumar (Abhyasi) of Sri Rama Chandraji Maharaj Seva Trust, Kadapa.

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