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Before the creation was started there was nothing but peace. When the creation started the peace also commenced disturbing. The mountains and valleys, sea and land, good and bad all ups and downs came into existence. From time to time the wise strived to restore the disturbed peace. The religions, the peace restoring societies, and so many organizations are at work to bring back peace. But the very same organizations and religions have become cause to disturb peace more and more in course of time. When you want a peak the valley is a must. If you want ups, downs are inevitable. The so-called nature is like that. We cannot avoid only downs keeping ups. It is possible only after total dissolution, where there will be no ups and downs and everything has vanished. As long as the created nature exists total and absolute peace is impossible. But whenever the need arises Nature will maintain and equalize the balance. How and when it happens is beyond our comprehension. Here the

True Love

Love is expressed as an action and experienced as a feeling. It is unconditional affection with no limits or conditions. Love can make you do anything and sacrifice for what will be better in the end.  Lust is the desire for the body and love is the desire for the soul. It is never boastful, never selfish, and not quick to take offence. We human beings define love in different ways. But truly speaking love is an inborn quality that needs no explanation. Take for example a cow (animal), it loves its newborn calf so much. It dries the calf’s body with its tongue and gives milk at the earliest possible. That is the love developed automatically without any specific education.

Install Windows 10 mobile preview version if you can't wait till the final release during end 2015

Officially Windows 10 operating system (OS) got released for PCs/ computers on 29th July 2015 and it has been receiving great positive reviews. It seems to be a runaway success as it is said that it has got both the advantages of the Windows 7 and Windows 8 & 8.1 combined. The mobile version is still under development but for those interested in using the 'Mobile Insider Preview' version, Microsoft has officially stated their position about which phones will be supported by Windows 10 mobile that is going to be released in a few months. The clue what we can get from the following information found on Microsoft's official site is that all those phones which are eligible for 'Mobile Insider Preview' program will be most probably supported by Windows 10 Mobile full version that is rumored to be released during November 2015.