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Everything that glitters is not Gold

Continuing the description by Sri Adisankaracharya swamy in Bhaja govindham, about  true sanyasa  it can be said that similar to those fraudulent people found in the Politics and in the society, also in the spiritual world there are the fraudulent people. We have to be careful about these fraudulent Sanyasis too. Everything that glitters is not  Gold . The real Sanyasi is pure Gold and the fraudulent Sanyasis are the metals with the glittering of the Gold. Unless we observe properly, we may often get confused about the real Gold and the just-glittering gold. As we can not confirm whether a shiny metal is Gold or not unless we test its specific properties, similarly we can not find easily who is the right spiritual master. We must differentiate this ‘Gold’ from the just-glittering others. Can an actor who plays ‘Satya Harischandra’ (a legendary Indian King who never spoke a lie in his life despite his difficulties) role in a drama be a Harischandra in the real life? A Drama is alw

What is Sanyasa?

Bhaja Govindham - 14 th Sloka (Verse) in Sanskrit: “ Jatilo mundi lunchithakeshaha Kashayambara bahukrutha veshaha Pasyannapi cha na pasyathi moodaha Udhara nimittham bahukrutha veshaha ” Explanation of this Sloka : “One with ‘ Jata ’ or ‘ Jada ’ (braided hair - dressed in the form of 3 or more helical strands), another with a shaven head, one more with long hair, some other one dressed in Saffron, all play different ‘characters’ in their life to fill their bellies. These kinds of dupes or fools are blind though they can see actually.”

Working principle of Caffettiera

After knowing the usage of Caffettiera , the specific Italian Coffee pot, from my previous articles one may get satisfied that they found a cheap and best device which is of much use in our daily life. But those who are of my nature and those who want to look into a greater depth to understand how things work, will be puzzled to know the working principle behind the Caffettiera. The principle merely involves the steam generation followed by the ejection of the solution with the aid of some nozzle like ejection too. If anyone has watched the Coffee making with Caffettiera for the first time, then I am sure that one will be really surprised to see, how in a such simple device, the coffee is made in the entirely new way, by filtering against the gravity. Though this is very common in italy , as the Caffettiera is not known to many in the countries like India , it is normal that one gets amazed. But the working principle involved is better known to all. As e

Coffee Making with Caffettiera

The Italian Coffee pot Caffettiera and its Constructional or design features are well described in the previous articles. Coffee making with Caffettiera is much easier if one understands its constructional features and there is no special method of making coffee using this appliance, but the only difference that we find in Coffee making with Caffettiera is by the way the coffee is made in contrast to the other common methods of making coffee. Generally, as the whole world knows, the way or the principle involved in ordinary coffee making involves three steps. First we take sufficient amount of coffee powder in a vessel, and add water to it. We heat the vessel until coffee is well boiled and gives a good aroma. Then we separate the solid particles from these solution or liquid by filtering it with a sieve or a cloth. We can directly consume the coffee made by adding sugar or milk according to our taste. A little variety can be a conventional filter coffee, still more com

Constructional features of Caffettiera

After a little introduction in the previous article about Caffettiera, the italian Coffee Pot , one would like to understand its features and the way to use it. Caffettiera, the most famous and most common Coffee pot available in every Italian home is the best piece of appliance or a gadget made of steel or aluminum that one can have in their home. It consists of two halves which can be screwed easily with a transition piece in between them and that is all. It sounds strange but it is a fact that it does not contain anything else. If one carefully observes by taking this caffettiera (a metal gadget with a hybrid look for strangers as it seems something like an hour glass with a handle and a projected mouth like a jug) into their hands, the design and the constructional features of the coffee pot will be much appreciated. These mere three pieces of metal have all the elements required for making coffee, here coffee refers to strong coffee or caffe normale as called by the Ita

Italian Coffee Pot Caffettiera is Simple yet Amazing

What is Caffettiera? Somehow, if anyone have found this word Caffettiera, it is difficult to understand what it exactly means? Caffettiera is an Italian word which means the ‘coffee pot’. Caffettiera, the Italian coffee pot is not only an amazing gift but also the cheapest and the best gift that the visitors can carry to their countries if they have not yet found in their places. It is amazing and has a sleek and stylish look due to its symmetrical design and construction. It is just a coffee pot but there are some hidden basic principles of physics or engineering that one can observe in it. Though there are many methods of making coffee, some traditional and some advanced methods employing machines, it is always special to have some coffee pot like Caffettiera which is very simple, very easy to use and which virtually don’t need any maintenance. It is said to me by some of my Italian colleagues in the office that Caffettiera is specific to Naples (Napoli) which is also the bi