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Moha(Delusion) is a  state of mind which does not permit scope for discrimination. It is ignorant of the true facts and is the origin of egoism. It is one of the six bad vices and prevents one from knowing the truth and makes one addict to the gratification of sensual pleasures and makes us run after the material enjoyment. This can cause any misery in one's life and binds the soul to the process of birth and death.  The main obstacle for one's spiritual heritage causing him to lose knowledge of his true being is Moha(Delusion). This internal enemy drags the humans form all the sides away from the soul and makes life miserable. Lord Srikrishna, in Bhagavath Githa in Chapter.16 verse 16,  cautions us about the effect of Moha ( Delusion).  " Aneka - chitta - vibhrantah  moha-jala  samavritah prasanth kama - bhogeshu  patani matale shuchau" . Possessed and led astray by such imaginings enveloped in Moha( Delusion), a


LOBHA(Greed ) is one of the six bad vices viz., Kama( desire/passion), Krodha(anger), Lobha ( greed), Moha(bondage), Mada( ego), and Mascharya( jealous).  It literally means greed.  It is the excessive desire, especially the desire to appropriate to oneself what belongs to others that too against the principles of Dharma. It is an endless sickness.  It is the condition of the mind in which one is not satisfied even after possessing what one wants.  Sometimes it tempts people to do unethical, illegal, and immoral things in the pursuit of earning more money.  The absence of contentment even after having acquired the object of desire means the individual is greedy. Here is a story, how a greedy person without contentment in life transformed into a great Donar and Devotee by the grace of God. Purandara Dasa was born in a Madhwa Brahmin Community in a village near Kshemapura,  near Thirthahalli in Karnataka State.  His parents named him Srinivasa Nayaka. A


Krodha(Anger) m eans a  strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.   Fear and sadness are primary emotions before one gets Anger. It is a  strong emotion we experience when we think someone has done wrong. Anger(Krodh) is an excessive mental turmoil on account of the obstacles in the gratification of some desire.   It is an unpleasant emotion that does more harm to the giver than to the receiver. It is one of the six bad vices viz., Kama(desire/passion), Krodha(Anger ), Lobha(greed), Moha(bondage), Mada(ego), and Mastsarya(jealousy).  Man acquires  Kama and Krodha by birth. These are inborn qualities and cannot be wiped off completely because they are necessary for every human being to eke out his livelihood,  but can be controlled to a  possible extent while leading a pious life. In Bhagavath  Githa Lord Sri Krishna described  Anger in Chap. 2 verse 63:- Krodhad bhavati sammohah - sammohat smrti  vibhramaha                                    smrti