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Swami Vivekananda, the legendary Monk and evergreen leader of Youth

Swami Vivekananda was not just a traditional monk or sage of India, as many of us remember about him, but was an investigative spiritual seeker at first, who later turned out to be a great modern sage of India. His works are complete of powerful thoughts, great spiritual wisdom and yet practical to be put to use by the modern people who live in this scientific age, for transforming their chaotic materialistic lifestyles by imbibing the very basic human need - the spiritual wisdom - in all the activities they do in their routine life. He commented very seriously all the orthodox approaches of the so-called higher castes who were least bothered about the genuine spirituality in those times and were rather interested in castes, creeds, cults, fighting on the differences in their chosen methodologies and much above all of these, their lack of will power to dethrone an enemy, with a bunch of deceitful people, who had fully controlled their motherland and the millions of countrymen

If you are inspired having a Blogger's Mindset, you help the internet and also the World

Inspired Bloggers are always the builders of information knowledge base that could help millions of people who use internet for various activities in their daily life. Bloggers are actually involved either knowingly or unknowingly in creating a great value to create such knowledge base, and as the saying goes, "knowledge is power", they are actually creating an artificial mind power, in other words, artificial intelligence. Are you a person who is generally inspired and interested in helping others and would like to have your present felt? Then Blogging is for you, at least as a hobby!

Best 15 Tips about Blogging for Beginners and Dummies

While the internet today is abundant with number of sites explaining in very minute details about Blogging, we would try to just guide you showing you a route map for exploration if you are a new beginner and probable Blogger in the making! Over 5 years of our occasional Blogging and much more research done on this interesting topic of Blogging, its scope, its advantages and the competition involved, and many other features, finally we came out with these 15 useful tips for ‘Blogging for Beginners’ :

Expense Organizer for Employed people now available on ViprasCraft

As ViprasCraft has announced recently through our earlier post, we are excited to further inform our readers, that the expense organizer which is mainly aimed at helping the employees to track their incomes, expenses and savings in a year, on monthly basis and subsequently on yearly basis is now available. Those who are interested to buy this at a nominal price of € 5.00 (FIVE EUROS only including VAT and other taxes! Payments currently accepted only through Paypal) can send an email to:   with the email subject, "ViprasCraft Expenses Organizer" for first receiving the invoice to your specified email address from which the request mail is sent to us. On successful receipt of the payment within the time specified, in 2 business days, the excel utility will be sent to the Customer. What is special in ViprasCraft's Expenses (Expenditure) Organizer of the Year?

One good New Year Resolution is to plan for reading a number of books, get inspired and inspire others

We celebrate the New Year on 1st January bidding farewell to the year ending on 31 December, almost as a ritual every year, but very few of us actually make some time to think and look at the year just passed by. While we needn't worry about our past as we can't make changes to it at any cost, we do need to have some sort of introspection and must not lose the sight of our achievements and drawbacks related to those goals that were met and of those that eluded us. We are all human and are not the perfect beings, but striving for continuous improvement isn't a bad thing either. What we need to really check about ourselves is whether we have made our presence felt to this world, or not!