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If you are inspired having a Blogger's Mindset, you help the internet and also the World

Inspired Bloggers are always the builders of information knowledge base that could help millions of people who use internet for various activities in their daily life.

Bloggers are actually involved either knowingly or unknowingly in creating a great value to create such knowledge base, and as the saying goes, "knowledge is power", they are actually creating an artificial mind power, in other words, artificial intelligence.

Are you a person who is generally inspired and interested in helping others and would like to have your present felt? Then Blogging is for you, at least as a hobby!

Today in the actual life we don't need to know everything to take up a job in a certain profession. In most of the cases, if not all, we can at least get some guidance from different sites or blogs ranging from the advanced science or mathematics to the basic needs of living like cooking, health, etc.

That guidance could be in any form. It could be to share an idea or experience or information about the books or some products from which the consumers can benefit so much, etc.
But for those who are looking forward to becoming Bloggers, there should be a mindset.
In fact all professional bloggers have this kind of mindset.

It is as simple as to say that to be in a particular profession, you need to have the mindset for that particular profession. It is not anymore a flashing or breaking news today that Blogging has become a profession for many and many more professions need blogging to reach a wider audience.

What is a Blogger's mindset?

It is to simply record, each and every good idea that comes out of your mind, which has the potential to help others in some way.

An idea is the skeleton of any blog post. Then you add good descriptive content as flesh, inspiration as blood and good formatting and communication skills as the beautiful body for your blog posts. Pictures, colors you use for your post are like the dress for your blog post.

For instance, this blog post is an example of such mindset. ViprasCraft is committed to provide value and ideas to their readers and as we do, we inspire others to become bloggers to make the internet a great knowledge pool and in turn the world a better place.

So the advice here is to keep a journal - like a physical notepad and a pen or a pencil, one word file or a notepad in your personal PC, or some notes in your mobile phone - always handy so that when something good flashes in your mind, record it. That is important. Record it!

As the Chinese proverb goes, "the weakest ink lasts longer than the strongest mind".

And internet is definitely going to stay longer than our lifetime (if we aren't superstitious about 21 Dec 2012! Or about any religious books!)

You may need to revisit what you record many times and you might add a lot of things around one good idea, its practical implementation and its use to someone who isn't educated about it. Finally you will have your draft for a good blog post. Who knows which idea from which book or a website or a blog can change somebody's life?

"One idea from one book or one site/blog can change somebody's life!"

Why to wait? Start blogging today, and bring some change and improvement to the internet world as much as you can!

And if this post really inspired you, please do leave a comment/compliment/constructive suggestion. Thank you!


Sravan said…
Good post! It really gave me some guidance to really think about Blogging and to use it for my profession. Thanks!

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