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Why Social Networking is more Effective on mobile devices like Smartphones & Tablets

As many of us know, online Social Networking has fast become a daily chore for many of us in the world today. For some businesses it is a part of their business strategy to utilize Social Networking to interact with their customers and hear their voice, for some it is a full time job as they run these social networking websites, for some Social networking is just a free-time job and for some celebrities it might be a way to reach out to their fans and followers.

Though the real time Social networking (physical) can't be replaced by online social networking, a part of the objective is at least achieved through the use of Social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.

And our busy lives in this world have made it impossible for many of us to personally meet our friends or our near and dear or having get-togethers on a regular basis.

Being online today is not just confined to a place or your desk at home or office with the advent of Smartphones and their integrity with Social networking applications (apps).

The smartphones like Apple's iPhones, Google's Androids, Microsoft's Windows Phones, Samsung's Galaxy phones, Blackberry's phones, the tablet PCs of the these companies and many others have made Social Networking so integral and easy that those who buy these devices just can't wait without these applications.

Compared to the comfort of internet browsing thereby Social Networking on a desktop computer and the less risks involved as regards to radiation, vision, ergonomics, mobile devices fare very badly but these devices like smartphones, tablets come handy in certain situations.

Anything should not go to the extremes and the same applies to Social Networking also. Having said this, the mobile devices have certain advantages over the traditional desktop computers as we all know or sometimes we fail to notice:

  1. They consume less power. All mobile devices consume less power than a desktop or a laptop computer.
  2. They stay with you and can be readily available if you want to text some status update or upload a photo. You may lose interest in doing the same if you postpone thinking to do it later on your desktop.
  3. They allow you to check in at various places when you are on the go so that your friends can actually meet you personally.
  4. Your moods and your travel time can be effectively used for social networking compared to a standalone PC.
  5. With social networking from mobile devices, the time spent at office would be more productive as you need not necessarily allocate some time to check your facebook, Google or twitter updates. The filters set by the office at your work won't disappoint you as you do these things on your mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet PC without restrictions!
  6. So by any standpoint the social networking on a mobile device like a Smartphone or a Tablet actually helps us be productive in our relations, be smart, be more expressive and it has to be done consciously with some moderation about the health factors and the surroundings.
  7. Even if you have internet at home and could do the social networking from a desktop, the mobile way is a great way!
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