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Trust Tytan 2.1 subwoofer audio system succeeds in creating trust

Trust Tytan 2.1 (wired) subwoofer set at its affordable price in the lower to mid price range seems to be an excellent choice if you limit yourself to buy a good subwoofer speaker set to be used for both your laptop and smartphone.

Trust company seems to be making trust with its customers and one of the VC team's staff has been satisfied with the performance of this loud speaker system.

This review is about personal experience and satisfaction and it can't be taken as the majority's opinion on this subject.

At the time of writing this article we have compared the available speakers in the price range of $60-70 and for the RMS output value stated by the manufacturers, Trust Tytan 2.1 seems to the best going by both our hands on experience and the reviews available online.

Technical features:

The subwoofer is a wooden box with a considerably big driver, with volume control and bass controls on one of the sides.

The two satellite speakers are also equipped with cables of good length for connecting to the subwoofer.

Then there is a volume control remote with connections to the subwoofer and a line-in jack connector meant for connecting to the audio output of the PC or a laptop or a mobile. Apart from these there are also a headphone jack and aux-in jack on this volume remote.


The look is very sleek, stylish and very much appealing and one can't expect much beyond it for the price.

Audio quality:

While much regarding the subwoofer depends on the driver inside the wooden box, Trust Tytan 2.1 passes the test in terms of user satisfaction.

However the user must know where to keep the subwoofer in the room. By thumb rule it shall be at a corner in a room if possible or just in front of a flat wall, preferably not surrounded by sound reflecting flat objects which may cause the bass bulls as the waves cancel each other. The room aesthetics and dynamics, glass surfaces, insulation, etc do play a role in giving you the optimum sound effect. This holds good for all speaker systems not just for Trust Tytan.

The subwoofer performs excellently while the satellite speakers perform satisfactorily and excellently at low and moderate to high volumes respectively.

The volume control remote only operates in a way to calibrate or operate from 0 - 100% of the main volume which you can set on the subwoofer box itself which also contains another knob for bass control.

In other words this volume remote control is mainly for reaching from 0% to the 100% of the set point for main volume set on subwoofer box. That means if you set 50% for main volume and set 50% on remote volume control, you are listening to 25% of overall volume your system can generate. The same thing applies to bass also.

Overall, the experience is great!

Verdict: Great subwoofer speaker set you can really trust!


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