Tapatraya (3 Cravings) of Humans and the suitable methods to suffice them

Tapatraya in Sanskrit, means 'The 3 Cravings (Anxieties)' of the Human Life. Trying for a thing or for a purpose with undue longing and anxiety is generally called as Tapatraya (Craving). This is the common man’s view. But spiritually this has got a different meaning, a meaning in true sense.

These three kinds of cravings termed as Tapatraya are  - 1. Aadhi Bhouthika (Physical), 2. Aadhi Dyvika (Mental), and 3. Adhyatmika (Spiritual).

The explanation of these three may differ from one school of thought to the other. But let us think according to our view.

The first one, Aadhi Bhouthika (physical) type of craving deals with our physical body. That is the grossest sheath covering the soul. It craves for and is sufficed by giving some food timely or by satisfying other desires related to the senses.

The second one Aadhi Dyvika (mental) craving deals with our mind which is also a subtle sheath covering the soul. It also craves for and is sufficed by supplying arts like music, dance, literature etc.

The third one Aadhyatmika (spiritual or of soul) craving deals with casual body and it also craves for and is sufficed by meditation, prayer etc.

Now to some extent we understood, what is Tapatraya i.e., the three cravings. But we should be very cautious to suffice these cravings, because the method of sufficing of these body, mind and soul cravings should not become an  impediment on the way to reach our real goal of life. Our real goal of life is union with the God (the Ultimate) and that is our final state of achievement.

So for our first craving Aadhi Bhouthika i.e., to suffice thirst and hunger we have to give only food come from Non-violence i.e., vegetarian food. By taking soft (without spices) vegetarian food only pure and pious thoughts will arise in the mind which leads us to the real goal. Otherwise if we take strong spicy vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, they will take us away from the right route and aggravate the vices like Kama (Desires/Passions), Krodha (Anger), Lobha (Greed), Moha (Bondage), Mada (Ego) and Matsarya (Jealousy), thereby our life becomes a failure to reach the real goal of life. The details of both virtuous and non-virtuous food and their action on our mind are well explained in Srimad BhagavadGita in the Chapters 7-8-9-10.

The second one Aadhi Dyvika (mind) craving should be sufficed by only smooth, pleasant music, dance, literature etc., which gives soothing to the mind. Dirty sexy literature, sound polluting noisy music and vulgar dramas should be avoided, because they make disturbances in the mind and thereby we go astray from the divine thoughts and that leads to Hell.

The last one Adyatmika (soul) craving is also to be cautiously sufficed by meditation, worship, sacrifices, etc, which make our heart tender, sensible, calm and smooth. Our aim in performing all those things should be for the realization of God only. Performing sacrifices involving killing of animals, doing worships to please the demonic spirits, aspiring abnormal powers for attaining worldly, glittering and attractive articles, and gaining undue name and fame of vanity is to be avoided altogether because they throw us into the cycle of births and deaths. So it becomes our foremost duty to go and surrender to the real Master of Divinity and get shelter and be safeguarded duly satisfying the tapatraya (three cravings) in a virtuous way.

Sri Ramachandraji of Shajahanpur is one of the real Masters and  following his system `Sahaj Marg’ is one of the best methods to suffice our Tapatraya. To know about Sahaj Marg and real goal of life, please go through the other articles of this web site.

Courtesy: Sri P. Subbarayudu (Preceptor) and Sri B.E. Sampath Kumar (Abhyasi) of Sri RamaChandraji Maharaj Seva Trust, Kadapa.


Unknown said…
The definitions of three kinds ofmiserues are totally wrong here. The adhibhautik klesh is the suffering created by other living entities. The adhyatmik klesh are miseries caused by one's body and mind and the third one is adidaivik klesh are the miseries caused by nature.
Other living beings are also part of Nature. Pl.give your coment in detail with your details also. If our definitions are wrong, mention and explain in detail, how the are wrong.

Anonymous said…

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