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Losing Weight the Right Way

When we look at the world with different cuisines and varying food habits, we can't easily conclude anything as to what is a good diet and what is a good weight-loss plan. There is so much research already done and is being done on many aspects ranging from health to fitness to food to cuisine and the timing of consuming food. We also may fall prey to the business tactics employed by various groups who "sell" their technique as the best. In this post, we do an honest attempt to educate our readers about what we researched on these topics and what we found as something that is practical, easy, and which finally 'works'. There is not a specific diet plan for this. This is very simple. We collected information on intermittent fasting and what times are good for what kind of diets. Then we combined various theories and put them into a single action plan. Let us go into the details. First, on Food: It is said that hard foods like meats take 16 hours to 2-3 days to


We can understand Compassion as an active sympathy or willingness to bear the pain of others. It is not simply a virtue to practice, but a pious attitude that binds all of us to lead a peaceful life in society. It is defined as a feeling of sympathy for others who are afflicted by difficulties, troubles, sorrow and caught in mishaps. Compassion is the humane response i.e., showing kindness, caring and helping in others' difficulties and the activity that relieves suffering.  It is a force that binds us together as humans and is the foundation by which the pillars of human life rest. Compassion gives meaning to living and enhances our well-being. It is an essential component in society and is absolutely necessary for the survival of humans and other living beings. It is a way of life and is something we all need to receive and give. In the  Indian Epic Ramayana, there is a story relating to Compassion, which is briefly narrated below: After Ravana was kill