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Think beyond Religion and Rituals to enter into Spirituality and to know the Reality - Sahaj Marg

All the humans are religious. Whether they know about it or not, they belong to a religion by birth. A few may become atheists on their way of life due to some circumstances around them. That means they lost belief in the existence of God. So in one way, religion can be defined as belief in God and the activities that are connected with the worship of the deity. But there are some religions which have got no concern about the existence of God, for example Buddhism, Charvakam etc. So it can be said that atheists may not believe in any faiths concerning the religion. Therefore religion means a cause, principle or a system of beliefs held with faith and strong feelings. In general, people believe that this is a method that establishes mutual trust between the Divine and the Human. In other words, it can be believed that this is the method of establishing a link between man and God. Every religion has been started by a great personality viz., Buddha, Jesus, Prophet Mohammad , etc.

Leadership overpowers the Management, hence motto for future leaders is "Leadership First, Management Next"

Nowadays, all the world's professionals think too much about the ' Management' and ' Efficiency ' and the age-old genuine principle centeredness has lost its ground already as most people today think that it is useless or at least non-profitable to think about Honesty, Authenticity, etc. People have forgotten to think much about their character and they are more interested in learning techniques and strategies to keep the things moving. They work very hard to improve productivity by forgetting the human factor and only run after profits either by using some advanced technology or by cutting down the running/operating costs. But to be the best in this world, to lead this world in the proper way, we need Leaders and not the Managers alone. As Stephen Covey has said in his world famous book, 'The 7 Habits of highly effective People', there is this great punch line for us:

Bhagavad Gita - An insight

BhagavadGita (In Sanskrit, Bhagavath means 'of the Supreme God' and the Gita means the Song or poem) is the essence of Upanishads . In Bhagavadgita in the form of questions and answers, many of the worldly based principles were answered. Arjuna , the warrior-turned-disciple and the cousin of Lord Sri Krishna, has put a question to Lord Krishna about the societal principles in the first chapter of Bhagavadgita. Let us have a look at this question and have our thoughts and discussion on it.