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Know about IMEI for GSM and MEID for CDMA for your mobile phone security and validation

All over the world the most common technology used for the mobile handsets is the GSM technology, because there are the international players like Vodafone, Orange, Airtel, etc spread in many countries and continents and they use the standard SIM cards that work for GSM enabled handsets only. Though not as largely spread as GSM networks, the CDMA networks are also equally popular in countries like India with the players like TATA and Reliance . Now we need to know two terms – GSM and CDMA. GSM mobile handsets GSM is the acronym for Global System for Mobile communications (originally from Groupe Sp├ęcial Mobile) and is the most popular standard for mobile phones in the world. The GSM Association acts as the promoter of this network and according to their estimates 80% of the global mobile market uses the GSM standard.

The Real Way of Life as defined by Sahaj Marg

If you are a follower of Sahaj Marg , you might know very well what Mahatma Sri Ramachandraji Maharaj says about the Way of Life . However for the first time readers/visitors, here is the summary of Babuji's spiritual wisdom . The end of 'Religion' is the beginning of 'Spirituality', the end of 'Spirituality' is the beginning of 'Reality' and the end of 'Reality' is the 'Real Bliss'. When that too is gone we have reached the 'Destination'. That is it. That is Sahaj Marg and Babuji's great and priceless message summarized for you! What we can understand from the above sentences is that one has to evolve step by step from the stages of Religion, Spirituality, Reality and Bliss and further  on to the real goal of life i.e., mergence with the Ultimate  losing total individuality.  For this one need not leave his regular way of life.  Only thing one has to do is to regularize one's way of life.

Beep Counts

We observe generally that every time when our system restart's or when turn it on, can makes BEEP sound. Some times there will be a lot of variations in the frequency of beep sound. When you observe carefully the number of beeps you hear will vary. There will be a "Single","Continuous" or "No" beep sound's occur.

Home Sharing Network

Ethernet connection: PC - Laptop   All brings their personal laptops with them where ever they go. They have a desktop PC at home which is connected to the Internet, but want to share the Laptop documents with the PC. By using Ethernet crossover cable they can manage them (PC - Laptop) by sharing the documents. Since both computers have built-in Ethernet. However, the only Ethernet port on desktop is generally connected to a cable modem for internet. Here there is no need for a modem to build a Private network between the two systems.   You can connect these two systems by using Ethernet crossover cable as shown above.

Map Network Drive

When you click on"My Computer" icon present in Desktop, the computer shows all the Drives and other types of media. On the top you will find menu bar below the address bar or space with multiple options as shown..