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Hindu marriage is not only the wedding between man and woman, but it also stands for understanding, love and affection, companionship and commitment  by both of them. It  makes two families closer than ever before. Each and every ritual associated with the marriage has a good meaning. The Hindu wedding ceremony has three common rituals viz., Kanyadana, Panigrahana and Sapthapadi. The ritual of Kanyadanam is highly valued and is a significant part of any Indian wedding. The literal meaning of the word derives from two words i.e. ‘Kanya’ which means a girl or an unmarried woman  and ‘Daan‘  means donation. So it connotes the donation of  an unmarried  girl. Kanyadaan has much  significance in Hindu marriages  which has been passed from generation to generation and the practice is followed since time immemorial.  It is a strong belief existing  in Hindus  that by performing the ritual of Kanyadana, all the sins  of the bride's parents and their forefathers gets suspended  and their so