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Cycle of Births and Deaths

The Hindu Philosophy and the Vedic school of thought firmly believe in ‘ Punarjanma ’ (Rebirth). The most glorious epic to Hindus, the ‘ Bhagavadgita ’ proclaims that death is inevitable and after death rebirth is inevitable too, in this sentence - “ Jaatasya hi druvo mruthyuhu, Dhruvan janma mruthasyacha ………… .” There is a cycle called ‘ Life and Death ’ cycle. There is freedom for a soul from this cycle only when we attain ' Moksha' (Salvation). So about this inevitable process of births and deaths one should not worry. It is simply like going to bed at night and falling asleep and waking up again in the morning. That means death is simply going to rest and birth is getting up after rest. In between the conscious time is our life. Leaving this mortal frame (body) during the death and getting another body during the rebirth, is simply changing the worn out dress day after day. This is one way of understanding our life, and this life and death cycle. This world

Creating a Blog, using it and things to know about it

To define a Blog, inform about how to create it, use it, follow the etiquette and benefit from it, there are too many websites, and few websites are mainly aimed at helping new bloggers and they make money out of it. The scope of this article is to explain about Blogging to the non-techie users in a concise way. It provides you a basic idea about Blogging and provides you many insights about which you can later verify and gain experience on your own browsing the Internet on those topics. What is a Blog? As you may already know that Blog is a form of website which is maintained like a journal, where all the articles posted will be displayed in the reverse chronological order – meaning, the latest Post (articles referred to as Posts in Blogging terminology) appears on the front page as the first item and all the previous posts appear in the descending order. Uses of a Blog A Blog is mainly used by individuals or a group of individuals or even companies to keep th