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Energy is Magnetic - Believe it and do Creative Visualization regularly

“Energy is Magnetic” at first sounds to be some physics topic dealing with electromagnetic waves or something else, right! But there is also another way of understanding it. Creative Visualization makes you to concentrate on those latent energy levels within you with which, when put in proper use, you can attract the things of similar energies from the physical plane (physical world) to achieve your goals; let them be materialistic or physical or spiritual. But there is a little longer way to go, to understand this “Energy is Magnetic” principle. Belief is the prerequisite for achieving anything in this world. So no technique works if we don’t believe in the things we are doing or following. This fact is almost universally acceptable as some medical research has also shown that without belief even the correct medicine will not cure the illness. And the vice versa is also true to some extent that with belief, even some normal medicine would do wonders in curing the illness. It all de

CutePDF Writer is the best and free software to convert any file into a PDF

CutePDF Writer is best and free software available on the internet as on now, which helps in taking printout of any document in PDF format and to be stored for future use. PDF form of documents are needed when you would like to sending some document to someone which they shall not modify. This is particularly necessary, if an employee of a company is sending some Tender documents or Contract documents to some other company. In general we use printers for printing purpose and save our data in the form of documents. Mainly we use documents for portability in the same way CutePDF Writer acts as a virtual printer and save our documents in the PDF form. The main advantage of PDF (Portable Document Format) is the 'content security' as there is no chance of editing or changing the data once saved. When working or surfing on internet for quick printout we can use this software and save the required pages. The work done by this software is same as the printer. One main advantage is we


Monitor is also called as ‘VDU’ Visual Display Unit. Monitors & TV set’s use ‘CRT’ Cathode Ray Tube technology initially. In the present environment a newly developed technology has changed the entire VDU’s drastically referred as ‘TFT’ Thin-Film Transistor known as LCD. In today’s world the monitor is not “Just a Display”, by HD (High Definition) a high quality video content is available today. With the High quality rendering Video and High end Graphics and Games there is an improvisation in display. Older : In previous technology CRT is used in display stands for picture tube. In CRT there is a glass envelop consists an electron gun and a phosphor-coated screen. When a computer sends display signals to a monitor these (signals) are converted in to electrons, beamed on to the phosphor-coated screen by electron gun creating an image on the screen. Newer : In present technology TFT technology is used in LCD displays. The main advantage of TF

First job versus Higher Studies - Things to know before decision making

Sometimes our life plays with us putting us in Cross roads where we have different paths to choose. And we need to really have some idea about each of the roads otherwise we may simply go in some road only to find out later that we are at a ‘Point of no return’. These cross roads are our different goals in life and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but at some point of time, we must chose only one road or one goal leaving the others. This is when the trouble starts. For a student who has completed his basic graduation and has not achieved better academic results, the situation to choose between a small Job to start his/her professional career and to go for Higher studies, is like putting him/her at the Cross roads with the puzzle unsolved. This article only helps you to understand a little better about the practical situations of life which helps you in proper decision making. Things to Know before this Decision making: 1. As soon as we finish our studies, we will b


Introduction : We all know RAM places a major role in increasing the speed of processing. RAM is referred as Random Access Memory. It stores data temporarily; it is a volatile memory that erases all the data contained when the computer is switched off. When system is on the major files i.e system files are stored in the ram for quick processing when needed. The background programs like antivirus and many other are stored in RAM for quick processing. This makes the processing slower for other applications as huge amount of memory is allocated for such programs. So by inserting the RAM in DIMM modules we can extend our primary memory. It depend upon number of DIMM modules. In Ram the data is randomly stored that why it is called RAM, as the data is accessed by the processor randomly. Ram is different from ROM as ROM is read only Memory. There are mainly two types of RAM · Static RAM (SRAM) · Dynamic RAM (DRAM) Static RAM is used mainly where high speed me


PORTS – IEEE – 1394 : This port is called Fire Wire first developed by APPLE, it is a high speed bus system and is used to connect multimedia and storage peripherals . USB: Universal Serial Bus is the interface and standard for the present devices like Digital cameras, Flash Drives and many other. COM(serial): The COM or communication port is used mainly connecting mice & external Modems, Presently USB has taken as standard. COM( parallel): These ports are mainly used for printers and scanners. PS2: There are two ports which are used by mouse and keyboard. VGA: This port is mainly used for CRT and TFT monitors. DVI: This port is used for connecting LCD/TFT monitors for receiving pure and lossless signals. Ethernet: This port is used for connecting the PC to a network (Internet, wan, Lan). DIMM slots: These slots are used to install memory modules .The number of DIMM slo


Introduction:- Motherboards are the most vital core component in a computer. The motherboard shuffles the data to the various components eventually in processing and result in output. Data needs a medium to travel between various components inside a computer. Motherboard comprises of more electrical components such as processors, capacitors, resistors, cables on the circuit. The fine tracks running all over the computer helps in connecting different components and these series of lines are called a bus. Parts Present on the Motherboard:- The basic component and slots are as follows · Processor socket · Heat pipes (or) Fans · Power connector · IDE ports for Hard drives & optical drives · SATA port hard drives (new Motherboards) · USB headers & Optional additional USB ports · PCI Expansion slots · USB, Ethernet, Sound ports. · PCIe slot for Graphical cards (New Motherboards) Working:- The components are directly or indirectly connected to the motherboard. Extension PCI cards or


PROCESSORS: Hello friends, The major component of the computer which computes all the functions in the computer is the PROCESSOR. Introduction:- All of us know what the processor is? How it functions, but we have to know the types and functionality of the processors. The processor acts as a brain to the computer. The processor is one of most important core component in a computer which is mounted on the mother board. It performs complex mathematical calculations with the data we input. INTEL as well as AMD family processors become a generic term for computers. Types:- Today a single core is nearly to dissolve, as the fastest computing places a prominent role more than one processor is needed for the home as well as business environments. The server systems need more than … After single core processors, Dual core processors become a minimal standard for the present hardware environment. Today the major companies like INTEL & AMD has provided Dual Core processors. Now these compan