Introduction: We all know RAM places a major role in increasing the speed of processing.

RAM is referred as Random Access Memory. It stores data temporarily; it is a volatile memory that erases all the data contained when the computer is switched off. When system is on the major files i.e system files are stored in the ram for quick processing when needed. The background programs like antivirus and many other are stored in RAM for quick processing. This makes the processing slower for other applications as huge amount of memory is allocated for such programs. So by inserting the RAM in DIMM modules we can extend our primary memory. It depend upon number of DIMM modules.

In Ram the data is randomly stored that why it is called RAM, as the data is accessed by the processor randomly.

Ram is different from ROM as ROM is read only Memory. There are mainly two types of RAM

· Static RAM (SRAM)

· Dynamic RAM (DRAM)

Static RAM is used mainly where high speed memory is needed as they are faster.

Ex:- L2 cache memory of CPU.

The cost of SRAM is more when compared to DRAM.

Dynamic RAM is most commonly used memory in the computer as it is slower than SRAM and less in cost.


RAM stores data for shorter period of time and discards it once it is not required by the processor or when the computer is switched off. It cannot store permanently so we require hard drives to store our data permanently.

Among the static and Dynamic RAM DRAM is the most commonly used. Its sub types are as follows…..

SDRAM- Synchronized Dynamic RAM, here the speed of RAM is synchronized with the CPU clock pulse. This helps in pipelining the read and write requests which enables SDRAM to accept certain commands when processing other.

DDR- DDR stands for Double Data Rate RAM which is an enhanced version of SDRAM, as the name suggests this memory doubles the bandwidth of the SDRAM.

DDR2- It is the second generation of DDR which uses low voltages and have prominent performance. It works on the principle of Differential Signaling.

DDR3- DDR3 is the third generation and improvised version of DDR2, due to the factors like Increased clock speed and higher bandwidth, low voltages and power consumption.

DDR2 are most popularly used in these days due to speeds from 533 – 800 MHZ.


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