Energy is Magnetic - Believe it and do Creative Visualization regularly

“Energy is Magnetic” at first sounds to be some physics topic dealing with electromagnetic waves or something else, right! But there is also another way of understanding it. Creative Visualization makes you to concentrate on those latent energy levels within you with which, when put in proper use, you can attract the things of similar energies from the physical plane (physical world) to achieve your goals; let them be materialistic or physical or spiritual. But there is a little longer way to go, to understand this “Energy is Magnetic” principle.

Belief is the prerequisite for achieving anything in this world. So no technique works if we don’t believe in the things we are doing or following. This fact is almost universally acceptable as some medical research has also shown that without belief even the correct medicine will not cure the illness. And the vice versa is also true to some extent that with belief, even some normal medicine would do wonders in curing the illness. It all depends on the mindset of the person.

When it comes to ‘Belief’, a man or woman has to believe in his/her self first. If you don’t believe in yourself, why and how shall anyone else in this world believe in you? Remember the good caption from the Spiderman-3 movie, “The Great Battle lies within”. This means that we must start winning with our own self first, and then we can compare us with others. In other words, ‘fight your own war’ is more appropriate.

Having said all the above, let us know focus on how can we understand that Energy is magnetic. First of all let us now have a little bit of physics in our consideration. In this universe, there are a lot of energetic cosmic waves flowing around – in and out of our solar system. We do have theories on the propagation of these waves and we all accept that all these waves have some amount of energy associated with them, and they do cause the electro magnetic effects in the medium they pass through.

Now let us see this world. What is it composed of? We all know that it is composed of matter. And any primary school kid can further explain that matter exists in three forms or phases – solids, liquids and gases, and other than these three, a vacuum can only exist.
We know that all the living creatures in this world, natural resources, rocks, mountains, biosphere, troposphere, ecological systems fall under any of these three categories of matter, or, are the combinations of these three forms of matter.

Remembering the famous equation of the great scientist Einstein, E = m.c^2, there is a correlation between the mass and velocity in terms of Energy. Let us neither discuss about the applications of this equation nor the assumptions and any background science necessary to understand it, but let us just understand that the ‘Energy’ change will occur more if there is an increment in Velocity (c – here) rather than the increment in Mass (m – here).

Now let us understand this world and the things exist and move around this world.
We have huge mountains, rivers, trees, various animals including humans, birds, fish, bacteria, viruses with hugely diverse shapes and sizes, with or without different speeds of movement and metabolism.

Mountain has a large mass associated with it, but its speed or movement is negligible unless some tectonic plates move deep inside the earth. From on the top of mountains, we have water falls and thereafter flowing rivers. Water of one liter weighs simply a kilogram and nothing more. But the same water due to its movement can cut the mountains over a course of time. This happens due to the velocity the water possesses or acquires during its flow in the water falls or in the rivers.

We have the various animals, birds, other living organisms which are swifter than mountains and water. So they have higher energy levels with respect to their speed compared to these bulky mountains or water. Again, in this case the mass is irrelevant.

The man is mightier of all these and today he controls everything in this world. Man invented machines that can crush the mountains, constructed dams that can hold the flowing water, and has also invented atom bomb and hydrogen bomb, that can destroy the world in no time. How were all these possible?

This is all possible not by the mass of the human body, but by something else. What is that ‘Something’? That something is ‘Thinking’. Applying thoughts by proper thinking. Doing things by constant thinking, and learning from doing the things. And the first thing associated with all this is simply a Thought.

What is a thought? Perhaps we may not make an equation to explain it or to understand it in terms of Physics and Chemistry. But we all experience it and know it since we are born in this world, since the day we became conscious of this world. It is also said that the human being is the only animal who is capable of advanced thinking compared to all the other animals which only think to find their food or do other natural bodily activities and have a temporary memory.

Where does this Thought arise from? It comes from the human brain, of course. And again the human brain is an organ with some matter. Then like milk, eggs and meat which come from an animal, can the thought be associated with some mass that is coming out of a human brain which is undoubtedly a mass?

Probably, the answer is ‘YES’. Because if we assume as far as today’s human knowledge is concerned, we can argue that if there is no mass existing, there must be some vacuum – which means nothing. We all know that Thought can’t be ‘nothing’. It is ‘something’ which we probably can’t exactly define today.

And we know the speed of the same ‘Thought’. If you think, you are on the Moon, you are there instantly! So is there anything faster than a thought? “NO”. So the thought is the fastest thing in this world. Even faster than the light in that way because, if we think we are reaching a particular star, we are already reaching it and probably light may need some years to reach there, otherwise why we use the term ‘Light year’. It is the distance, as we know, the light needs to travel to reach some astronomical body.

If we substitute some ‘infinity’ as the speed of thought in our equation seen above, then what is the Energy associated with it. Amazing, the Energy is also Infinite. So if we want to have energy to do something, then what is it we require the most. It is the thought. So we have found the solution for all our problems.

And so far we have gained the knowledge about the thought. but we need ‘Wisdom’ and this is needed not to make bad thoughts which result in bad actions and which finally does bad to this world.

Even without our knowledge we are always doing some thoughts and we are doing some actions following it. We are getting results – good or bad – depending on our thoughts. So our thoughts are influencing us. This is agreed.

Then how ‘Energy is magnetic’ and why we discussed now about the ‘Thoughts’. It is because we want some energy to do some actions to reach our goals, and to get this ‘motivational energy’ we need some thoughts.

Creative visualization is this thinking process, for making ‘good thoughts’ to improve ourselves and also to some extent to improve this world. What do we do in Creative visualization?
Creative visualization is a fine process of visualizing good things what you want in your life, and to keep thinking about these clearly defined things, which influences our subconscious mind to such a considerable level that we knowingly or unknowingly start doing things to reach our objective.

For example, let us consider an example. You want to go for a picnic. This is the first thought in your mind. If it is only for a millisecond, it may end up without an action. But you are repeatedly thinking due to some reason about going to a picnic. Then you start thinking to plan in your mind, as what is to be done to go for a picnic. Then you also start thinking about the place where you want to go. Then you will also think about the way to go there. You take your car, or you take a bike or you take a bus or you take a train. Then you decide on something, let us assume, that you want to use your car. Then you plan to take some food with you or you may also think to buy whenever you want in the picnic spot itself. Then you do as you have planned and you come back in the evening after enjoying your picnic, probably if you had your friends with you.
All the above actions don’t need your creative visualization. But unknowingly you have done some visualization in the conscious state itself, as this is an activity that doesn’t need lot of thinking.

But your personal life goals, your career growth, certainly need higher level of thinking. You need motivation at times to achieve your goals or dreams. So you need to think not normally but deeply.

When can you do this? You can do this when you are relaxed. When your eyes are closed, and when you are deeply concentrating on your goals and your mind is in a meditative state, i.e., in the ‘Sub-conscious’ state. This is this state of our mind, which is more important for our goals. In this state you are not simply dreaming but you are controlling what you are dreaming of.

At this stage, whatever you think about yourself for the Good, will prompt you to take such an action and this will make you successful, as the things of similar energy will attract towards you in the physical plane, as your energy level is shifted to some frequency by some constant thinking.


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