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What is Transmission of Yogic energy(Pranahuti)?

In Sanskrit, 'prana' means life-force and 'ahuti' means offering. So pranahuti means ‘offering of the life-force’.  Pranahuti(transmission) is a way to accelerate one's spiritual growth with the grace of a Spiritual Master. The energy flows directly from the Spiritual Master to the individual via heart to heart. In the spiritual practice, the flow of yogic power from the Master to the disciples plays an important role in the transformation of man into a perfect human being. It regulates the mental tendency from going off track and thereby brings his senses and activities into a state of perfect balance and moderation. Spiritual training for the attainment of higher stages is only possible only by the process of Yogic transmission and by no other means. In support of this verify the following:  It is stated as follows in the 3rd sloka of Dakshinamurthy Stotram by  Adi Sankara Charya. "Citraṃ vaṭa-taror-mūle vṛuddhāḥ śiṣhyāḥ gurur yuvā    Gurostu maun