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What is Transmission of Yogic energy(Pranahuti)?

In Sanskrit, 'prana' means life-force and 'ahuti' means offering. So pranahuti means ‘offering of the life-force’.  Pranahuti(transmission) is a way to accelerate one's spiritual growth with the grace of a Spiritual Master. The energy flows directly from the Spiritual Master to the individual via heart to heart. In the spiritual practice, the flow of yogic power from the Master to the disciples plays an important role in the transformation of man into a perfect human being. It regulates the mental tendency from going off track and thereby brings his senses and activities into a state of perfect balance and moderation. Spiritual training for the attainment of higher stages is only possible only by the process of Yogic transmission and by no other means. In support of this verify the following:  It is stated as follows in the 3rd sloka of Dakshinamurthy Stotram by  Adi Sankara Charya. "Citraṃ vaṭa-taror-mūle vṛuddhāḥ śiṣhyāḥ gurur yuvā    Gurostu maun

Varna and Caste System

Varna is the nature of an individual based on gunas(Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas) and activities in  which one is interested in a particular kind of job or occupation to earn a living, and Caste means a lineage of an individual about which job or profession his/her very early ancestors used or made to do as a family profession. The whole varna was made keeping in view the dharma that one had to follow.  Varna was never considered by birth if we go through the following instances of our great literature. In Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter IV Verse 13, Lord Krishna clearly states that the four Varnas are based on their work and their basic nature and not related to birth at all. "chātur-varṇyaṁ mayā sṛiṣhṭaṁ guṇa-karma-vibhāgaśhaḥ  tasya kartāram api māṁ viddhyakartāram avyayam" The four varnas have been created by Me through a classification of the gunas and activities. Even though I am the creator of this system, still know Me to be the non-doer and eternal. Lord  Krishn

Your Life is Your Program

In the current age, a lot of people working from home are increasingly interconnected with almost all the world through the electronic gadgets like mobile phones, computers, laptops, iPads, tablets, etc. With these new habits made in the recent decades, it feels as if this is the new norm. Nowadays people are expected to be available online except when they are sleeping, and are expected to answer to the innumerable IMs, chats, and other messages that keep bombarding the devices in hand. For newcomers, it may seem to be an enjoyable experience to start with, but soon, the disillusionment occurs, when the lines between Work and Personal life get not just blurred, but simply wiped out! At this juncture, what the professionals need is not the tips and techniques to run and win the rat race only in the materialistic world, but it is more about being selective in choosing the projects, either in personal life or at work, and giving their best. So, focused few versus insignificant many. Prog


Bondage means the state of being a slave,  or of being severely restrained by obligations or circumstances. A state of subjection to a force, power, or influence or being under restraint. In general, to refer to anything that keeps us from being fully submitted to the Almighty. A person who is attached to his job and no choice to leave it because of financial pressure for maintaining his family is an example of bondage. The following incident in Mahabarath shows us how a courageous personality's life ended miserably tied in bondage restrained by obligations or circumstances by supporting an unrighteous person. Guru Drona, Master of the Kaurava dynasty arranged a tournament between the sons of the kings to display their skills. Arjuna was the chief attraction of the tournament as an efficient archer.  Karna, who was also an Archer was not allowed to showcase his skills on the basis of his caste by Kripacharya, another Master.  Duryodhana, son of Dhritarashtra, the king

Geriatrics and Exercise.

Imagine a scenario where you are unable to even walk for 3 mins, unable to lift the groceries or even activities like combing hair which once you could do effortlessly in seconds. These are the common complaints we as physiotherapists receive in our clinics daily. So what is the solution? Why are people facing these issues at a very young age compared to previous generations? Simple the answer is lack of activity and the constant help we receive with the help of technology. Aging is inevitable but combined with obesity and lack of activity we are only adding fuel to the growing problem. What is the solution?   Exercise.! I know all hate that word but I am not asking to hit the gym take membership to expensive places when you are not ready to commit. We as physios recommend the first take up a test for checking the readiness to do an activity. Once that is done next is adding a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise to start off with. It can be any of your favorite activities. Before you hit

Moderation of the senses and balance in Life.

Moderation means the quality of doing something within reasonable limits and not being extreme. It further means balance in all senses and faculties, nothing more or less than what is naturally required for any specific purpose.  Generally, we find today moderation disturbed in all most all cases. The result that follows is nothing but disturbance and mental conflict and it is the root cause of all the troubles and miseries we are now facing.  There is a  saying. " Ati sarvatra varjayet ",  means excessive indulgence in anything that should be given up.  Nowadays, there is a foolish and painful drive to cross the limits of moderation.  The irony is despite knowing this many of us to attach undue importance to whatever thing comes to our view and we strengthen it by the force of our thought with the result that it grows stronger over all others. The result is nothing but disturbance and mental conflict and it is the root cause of all our troubles and miseries. Anything in exce

Why everyone needs to be a leader?

This world has been increasingly becoming complex with every passing generation. While there are so many technological advancements and improvements to the quality of life on the one hand, on the other hand, there are people suffering from information overload, unrealistic targets at the workplace, and many becoming victims of depression. As the world becomes more complex, we need to have more clarity on all important areas of life. But how can a person figure out, what is most important to him/her? We have a lot of social pressure in this generation that is being heavily influenced by social media, unlike in the past. Not so long, some 15 years ago, we still had relatively more free time away from social media. Social media is not wrong! It has also helped the world in democratizing the sharing of information. But for every good aspect of technology, there is the bad or negative aspect. Social media is not different. Any technology is not any different from this problem. So, it is


Hindu marriage is not only the wedding between man and woman, but it also stands for understanding, love and affection, companionship and commitment  by both of them. It  makes two families closer than ever before. Each and every ritual associated with the marriage has a good meaning. The Hindu wedding ceremony has three common rituals viz., Kanyadana, Panigrahana and Sapthapadi. The ritual of Kanyadanam is highly valued and is a significant part of any Indian wedding. The literal meaning of the word derives from two words i.e. ‘Kanya’ which means a girl or an unmarried woman  and ‘Daan‘  means donation. So it connotes the donation of  an unmarried  girl. Kanyadaan has much  significance in Hindu marriages  which has been passed from generation to generation and the practice is followed since time immemorial.  It is a strong belief existing  in Hindus  that by performing the ritual of Kanyadana, all the sins  of the bride's parents and their forefathers gets suspended  and their so