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Is the Violence in Vegetarian diet the same as that of the Meat?

"Ah, nowadays Vegetarianism has become a movement or a cult, as people tend to label the meat lovers are ruthless people." This is the common argument when a vegetarian or a vegan tries to educate the meat lovers about the need of being vegetarian for various reasons. Some of the meat lovers are fooled by the so called nutritionists and doctors who make them believe that meat can’t be totally avoided to get complete protein. People simply feel convenient when they hear this from their doctors and take pride in believing in science and technology and tend to ridicule the noble concepts of vegetarianism and ahimsa (non-violence). And when some people get cancer kind of diseases at some later phase of their life, they tend to blame the God, the environment, the pollution, the drugs and all other stuff, but conveniently forget their past actions of eating big macs, burgers, cheese cakes, microwaved or grilled red meats which had increased their total and bad cholest