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Noble Thoughts for the Right way of Life

ViprasCraft's first book titled 'Noble Thoughts for the Right way of Life'  has been locally popular and we are very much pleased to bring this book for online sale to reach many people in India and in this World. This book deals with the Universal spiritual principles which empower the Human mind to achieve peace and tranquility in life, understand the events in life and prepare to any kind of situtations one may face in life, with utmost love and affection on the Creator and his perfectly organized order of the Universe. Currently this edition of the book is available with 2 options. Customized PDF version , which can be purchased from this site (see for instructions at the bottom of the post, contact us first, then make payment using PayPal link below or any Credit/Debit Card) Paper back edition (within India only) to be received in 1 week after payment. Use the 'Contact Form' on this site to organize the same. More Details: Title: "

Declutter your Office 365 & Exchange email with 'Clutter' option while using Microsoft Office Outlook

An additional nice feature Microsoft Office for Outlook particularly when you are migrated to Office 365 is the ‘Clutter’ option which automatically segregates the less important email to a folder called ‘Clutter’ based on your responsive behavior in dealing with your email. Microsoft claims it to be an intelligent feature which learns as you use this option and will serve you better. As stated by Microsoft, these are the important advantages of having activated the Clutter option:

Have the right attitude and take actions and decisions with balanced mind

It is an expression of favor or disfavor towards a person, place, thing, event, etc., It is also a settled way of thinking or feeling about something.  As human beings, we should have a special attitude by which others may not be affected. Moreover, we should develop an attitude so that other living beings should become happy and satisfied with our behavior. This behavior or our attitude may differ when dealing with different persons or living beings. If you meet a learned preacher, you offer fruits and clothes and pray for blessings, thereby he becomes happy and satisfied with your attitude. But towards a cow, your attitude will differ. You give green grass, sweet water and protect it from rain, sunshine, etc., That is enough for a cow to become happy. Likewise, your attitude will change with your pet dog or parrot, etc. And your attitude towards a plumber, scavenger, or servant will also differ. You should think he is no less than you and moreover, you should treat him as a he

Do your duty, surrender to God and be free from Sorrow

Sorrow is an emotion, feeling, deep distress/sadness for the loss of relatives, friends or something loved. According to Gautama Buddha, the world is full of sorrow, and to solve this problem, He has striven for seven long years and found that wants are the main cause for the sorrow. A learned poet has also proclaimed that the only existing thing is sorrow and sorrow only. A gap between sorrow and another sorrow is being mistaken as happiness.