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An Indian dimension to Spirituality and methods of Self Control

This   Indian   (Hindu) dimension of Spirituality is our small effort to make our readers know something about ancient India’s wisdom which was precisely preserved in the form of   Vedas, Epics, Puranas, Upanishads , etc, all of which at more than one occasion have never refrained from the discussion on the   human behavior   and the methods of   Self-control . A little consideration will explain the fact that with the gained material knowledge on any subject, people try to do different things and in the process of doing things people make mistakes and those mistakes teach important lessons to improve our lives if those underlying lessons are understood properly Our experiences both good and bad will give way to critical thinking and the process of critical thinking more often is linked to our intellect and to our minds which in turn connect us with our own true selves to let us understand our true nature and the natural principles of this world. So if the culture is very old and