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Realisation of SELF

The definition of "yourself" is the one that is "you(person)", your normal and true behavior and " Self " is the pure consciousness(soul), which is invisible in every living being. Knowing and mastering oneself is the secret, we must free ourselves from ourselves, by our Self. SELF stands for the soul and until its realization if we say ourselves or yourself or myself, we are referring to our ego. In olden days most people were interested in Self-Realization . Many saints and sages who were God realised viz:- Kardama, Janaka, Vasishta, Viswamithra, Kapila, Vysya, Pathanjali etc., left their guidelines for us to follow. But in the present days most people indulge in sense gratification, enjoying the pleasures that arise from the contact of the senses with their objects during their life time which are the cause of suffering. Right living with noble thoughts and doing spiritual meditation makes the most practical and effective way t