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Substance of Bhagavadgita in brief

The experience of happiness and distress in life are like the appearance and disappearance of winter and summer seasons,  tolerate them without being disturbed. For the soul, there is neither birth nor death nor it cannot be destroyed. It is everlasting and imperishable. He who dwells in the body is eternal and can never be killed.  Why you cry that you may lose something.? What did you bring with you, which you think you are losing now? What did you create your own,  which you think now that it is being destroyed?  You came with empty hands, you will leave with empty hands only.  Whatever is going to happen will definitely happen.  It is God's will. Don't  worry about it unnecessarily Be like a sage, who is not disturbed in spite of miseries nor delighted when there is happiness, free from attachment, fear, and anger. Be free from desires, devoid of false ego, and then alone you attain Real Happiness. Do your prescribed duty for the sake of God and free from


The food we take is to be digested and the undigested food if any shall come out as excreta from our body after 24 hours, otherwise we fell sick. The excess water we drink shall come out within 4 hours, otherwise, we fell sick. The air we breathe in shall come out within one minute, otherwise, we fell sick. As such, Anger, Hatred, Jealous, etc., are within us years together. What will happen if they dwell in our bodies like that?  We become sick permanently. That is why our great saints say that we the fools feel that we are living fact, we are dying to some extent day by day. If our age increases what we presume....  is our life span increases or decreases? We have to necessarily accept the bitter fact that we are dying daily to some more extent from these negative energies. Anger, stress, hatred, laziness, etc, which are within us and not leaving us are making our lives deadly. The only way to give Prana Sakthi( Vital energy) to our body is Yoga and Med