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Some Common Errors in Meditation and the Right Solution

Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj founder of Sahajmarg has prescribed Meditation for one hour everyday, with the emphasis on feeling the divine illuminance in one's heart, so meditating on heart to his Abhyasis, ie., practitioners. This is one of the simplest methods of doing Meditation. However, as considerable number of Abhyasis are not able to practice the meditation in a correct way, Sri Eswar Sahai, a close associate of Sri Ramchandraji and the follower of Sahajmarg System, has clarified how to practice meditation and how to overcome the obstacles in meditation in this article. The readers are requested to go through the article and clear their doubts if any. The regular process followed under the System (Sahaj Marg) is meditation on heart, thinking of the presence of the Divine light there. It is a simple process but sometimes due to complexities of thought in individual cases complications arise which deprive an Abhyasi of the full advantage thereof. For this partic