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Think beyond Religion and Rituals to enter into Spirituality and to know the Reality - Sahaj Marg

All the humans are religious. Whether they know about it or not, they belong to a religion by birth. A few may become atheists on their way of life due to some circumstances around them. That means they lost belief in the existence of God. So in one way, religion can be defined as belief in God and the activities that are connected with the worship of the deity. But there are some religions which have got no concern about the existence of God, for example Buddhism, Charvakam etc. So it can be said that atheists may not believe in any faiths concerning the religion. Therefore religion means a cause, principle or a system of beliefs held with faith and strong feelings. In general, people believe that this is a method that establishes mutual trust between the Divine and the Human. In other words, it can be believed that this is the method of establishing a link between man and God. Every religion has been started by a great personality viz., Buddha, Jesus, Prophet Mohammad , etc.

Leadership overpowers the Management, hence motto for future leaders is "Leadership First, Management Next"

Nowadays, all the world's professionals think too much about the ' Management' and ' Efficiency ' and the age-old genuine principle centeredness has lost its ground already as most people today think that it is useless or at least non-profitable to think about Honesty, Authenticity, etc. People have forgotten to think much about their character and they are more interested in learning techniques and strategies to keep the things moving. They work very hard to improve productivity by forgetting the human factor and only run after profits either by using some advanced technology or by cutting down the running/operating costs. But to be the best in this world, to lead this world in the proper way, we need Leaders and not the Managers alone. As Stephen Covey has said in his world famous book, 'The 7 Habits of highly effective People', there is this great punch line for us:

Bhagavad Gita - An insight

BhagavadGita (In Sanskrit, Bhagavath means 'of the Supreme God' and the Gita means the Song or poem) is the essence of Upanishads . In Bhagavadgita in the form of questions and answers, many of the worldly based principles were answered. Arjuna , the warrior-turned-disciple and the cousin of Lord Sri Krishna, has put a question to Lord Krishna about the societal principles in the first chapter of Bhagavadgita. Let us have a look at this question and have our thoughts and discussion on it.

Know about IMEI for GSM and MEID for CDMA for your mobile phone security and validation

All over the world the most common technology used for the mobile handsets is the GSM technology, because there are the international players like Vodafone, Orange, Airtel, etc spread in many countries and continents and they use the standard SIM cards that work for GSM enabled handsets only. Though not as largely spread as GSM networks, the CDMA networks are also equally popular in countries like India with the players like TATA and Reliance . Now we need to know two terms – GSM and CDMA. GSM mobile handsets GSM is the acronym for Global System for Mobile communications (originally from Groupe Sp├ęcial Mobile) and is the most popular standard for mobile phones in the world. The GSM Association acts as the promoter of this network and according to their estimates 80% of the global mobile market uses the GSM standard.

The Real Way of Life as defined by Sahaj Marg

If you are a follower of Sahaj Marg , you might know very well what Mahatma Sri Ramachandraji Maharaj says about the Way of Life . However for the first time readers/visitors, here is the summary of Babuji's spiritual wisdom . The end of 'Religion' is the beginning of 'Spirituality', the end of 'Spirituality' is the beginning of 'Reality' and the end of 'Reality' is the 'Real Bliss'. When that too is gone we have reached the 'Destination'. That is it. That is Sahaj Marg and Babuji's great and priceless message summarized for you! What we can understand from the above sentences is that one has to evolve step by step from the stages of Religion, Spirituality, Reality and Bliss and further  on to the real goal of life i.e., mergence with the Ultimate  losing total individuality.  For this one need not leave his regular way of life.  Only thing one has to do is to regularize one's way of life.

Beep Counts

We observe generally that every time when our system restart's or when turn it on, can makes BEEP sound. Some times there will be a lot of variations in the frequency of beep sound. When you observe carefully the number of beeps you hear will vary. There will be a "Single","Continuous" or "No" beep sound's occur.

Home Sharing Network

Ethernet connection: PC - Laptop   All brings their personal laptops with them where ever they go. They have a desktop PC at home which is connected to the Internet, but want to share the Laptop documents with the PC. By using Ethernet crossover cable they can manage them (PC - Laptop) by sharing the documents. Since both computers have built-in Ethernet. However, the only Ethernet port on desktop is generally connected to a cable modem for internet. Here there is no need for a modem to build a Private network between the two systems.   You can connect these two systems by using Ethernet crossover cable as shown above.

Map Network Drive

When you click on"My Computer" icon present in Desktop, the computer shows all the Drives and other types of media. On the top you will find menu bar below the address bar or space with multiple options as shown..

Internet Sharing Between PC and Laptop

In Home there may be a personal laptop and a desktop PC which is connected to the Internet, Everybody in home want to share the Internet with each other along with their respective documents. With an Ethernet crossover cable it is possible to share both computers as there is a built-in Ethernet port on each. However, there is only one Ethernet port on desktop or Laptop which is connected to the cable modem. Then how can we share the Internet among them?  

Windows 7 Repair Disk

In Windows 7, after completion of installation you will find some new features which are revised with added functionality. You might observe the system "Start up" which is quicker than Vista and the allocation of "Gadgets" are placed anywhere on desktop just as in Vista. One thing you might observe that the placing of icons is not possible at extreme right, where gadgets are placed in a transparent menu. But, in Windows 7 there is no such menu appear so you can place icons anywhere on desktop. You might observe there are some changes in displaying opened windows along with side by side option you will have cascading window option and stacked window. The task bar was slightly modified with visual graphics.

The Real Goal of Human Life is achieved by following Sahaj Marg

What is the 'Real goal of human life' ? Our birth of human life is not accidental, causeless and meaningless. It is according to cause and effect theory. There is a purpose for birth and living. Hinduism believes in Births and Re-births. The cause for our birth is our past impressions (Sanskaras). These impressions will be wiped off only by undergoing them. There is no other go than this. In this way we have to remove the coverings surrounded by our soul and we have to become free.

Ayurvedic therapy for HyperTension, commonly referred to as Blood Pressure (BP)

For the stressed lives of many modern professionals today, Hypertension simply called as BP (Blood Pressure) is not a surprising thing at all. Everybody knows about it and many are affected by it, but at the same time one can’t avoid it unless they follow a disciplined lifestyle which must include a few minutes of exercise or any other physical activity, some form of meditation and other body relaxation techniques such as 'Yoga' and 'Pranayama' . And the drugs being used for controlling the hypertension are only changing some characteristics of the blood to reduce the burden on the blood pumping heart , but the problem will never be solved permanently, i.e., the permanent cure is not possible.

Become Responsible Indians by reading Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's, "Wings of Fire"

The best inspirational book for any Indian is the autobiography of the living legend, Bharata Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam well known to us as "WINGS OF FIRE" and before we discuss about the same we need to discuss about some facts related to modern India. What is happening in India today? There are good Indians who work hard and are loyal to the country but these people are always in doubt about their own character and principles because they often encounter problems in their lives due to the stupid events happening around them, due to the Resident Non Indians.

Simple Ayurvedic home remedy for healthy hair and for converting Gray hair to Black hair

Today Yoga and Ayurveda are the most commonly used words for health related discussions. Almost the whole world has realized the importance of these ancient practices of India which are now fast becoming the fields for research worldwide. Ayurveda and Yoga will always go hand in hand in terms of practice and one among them can’t be separated from the other.