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Simple Ayurvedic home remedy for healthy hair and for converting Gray hair to Black hair

Today Yoga and Ayurveda are the most commonly used words for health related discussions. Almost the whole world has realized the importance of these ancient practices of India which are now fast becoming the fields for research worldwide. Ayurveda and Yoga will always go hand in hand in terms of practice and one among them can’t be separated from the other.
That is why it is not surprising if the worldwide popular TV channel like Discovery have some time ago shown a commentary series on Ayurvedic medicine and how the western countries are interested in carrying out research on Ayurveda in their universities.

Many of the Ayurvedic remedies use the ingredients that are mainly found in the average Indian Kitchens - few more which are not in use so common among other religions are specifically found in Hindus’ kitchens as Hindus have been using some ingredients like turmeric, cloves, garlic, coriander, onions and the like, historically both for health and religious reasons.

The remedy for conversion of Gray hair into Black hair over the weeks with the Olive oil blended with Garlic husk ashes

  1. Use of garlic is a day-to-day activity in all traditional Indian dishes. We just throw the husk or chaff of garlic in the waste bin / trash can. So from now on, don’t throw it. Preserve it somewhere safely.

  2. When the garlic husk/chaff is abundant in quantity, take a frying bowl and put the garlic husk in it and put in on a stove with low flame. Don’t add anything like oil or water.

  3. Keep stirring slowly until, all of this husk/chaff is turned black and has converted into ashes. Maintain the low flame of the stove’s burner throughout this process.

  4. Allow the garlic husk ash to cool naturally. After it gets cooled, sieve it through a cotton cloth and collect all the fine powder.

  5. Preserve this fine powder in a dry and clean glass bottle.

  6. Take 100 ml of good quality Olive oil in a separate vessel or container and add 1/4th tea spoon of the fine powder (garlic husk ash). Stir it very well and keep this vessel or container covered.

  7. Leave this mixture for at least 7 days without even moving this container. Later you can start applying this oil to your hair by massaging the same on your head / scalp in the night and wash your hair the next day morning.

This process is not only useful to convert your gray hair into black over the weeks but also improves the general health of your hair. This remedy is one of the examples of simple Ayurvedic cure without any effective cost compared to those of hair dyes and other marketed creams, ointments or shampoos.

Source: Discourse in one of the episodes by Ayurvedic Pandit Sri. Elchuri on Zee Telugu channel, which is telecast every day at 7.30 AM in the morning and at 1.00 PM in the afternoon.
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