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Need of Human Relations and Inter-Personal skills in the Office/Work environment

To explain better about the Human Relations, ie., the Inter-Personal Communication skills in a work environment, we present to you a letter written by a colleague 'Anand' to his friend and co-worker 'Vikas' as the latter was often suffering from low self-esteem, a little bit of Superiority complex due to his Ego and also a little bit of Inferiority complex due to the insecurities he had in his mind. In this real life story (names changed and alias names used to protect privacy), the person Anand is always looking for continuous improvement and evaluating his performance based on the values he learnt from various leadership and personality development books, while his friend and colleague Vikas was obsessed with Self-doubt and he always expected others to appreciate him, and he hadn't made an effort to realize his own weaknesses, let alone the conversion of such weaknesses to strengths. He was never happy with the responsibilities he got in his job though he an

Simple Facts of Life but with Great Meaning and Philosophy

The following sentences are a rough translation in English of a Telugu song sung by Swami Sundara Chaitanyananda, in his audio series of 'Chaitanya Gaanam' which is mostly the Absolute ancient Indian philosophy sung in simple Telugu for the common public. ***** "Nobody  knows for which karma( action) what would be the result.  No one  escapes from undergoing their karma phala(results ) of their actions(karma). Invisible are the winds that shake the trees, Invisible are the results of 'karma' that mind does not grasp. But no one knows what happens within  a momment. Drama of life closes within seconds though it is played for a long time. That which is not and can't be yours can never be yours,  that  which is yours, and is for you, can never leave you. So don't wish to leave which are with you and aspire for which, which are not with you. Do not feel that there is no purpose for the happenings of  gaining and  losing in life. Favour and disfav