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Hinduism is not a religion.  It is Hindu Dharma, a  way of life.   Hindu dharma has many specialties.  It is known as Sanathana Dharma.  Sanathana means always existing,  eternal,  which cannot be destroyed by anything and everlasting. Dharma means, the way of life with all Aachaaras or customs and rituals.   In each and every aachaara there will be a hidden scientific reason.  All acharaas are followed for the mental and physical health;  long life;  prosperity and wealth; for strong family and social bondage.  Following the aacharaas as per our Dharma, give a fine personality, dharmic outlook, and vision. In India, everyone follows aachaaras for the above-mentioned psychological, physiological family relation, and social benefit viz.,  though we follow different religions we belong to one Country.  It is everyone's right and duty to understand scientifically and logically the meaning of each and every aachaara and follow the same in our life systematically. It is an establ


HONESTY  means to be fair and straightforward in conduct or strict adherence to the facts. It further means to be truthful in all aspects of life.  It involves not telling lies, never hurt anyone through bad habits, activities, or behavior. Honesty makes a person free of all troubles and to be fearless. Being honest helps a person to get the trust of all in the surrounding, a lot of happiness, blessings from Supreme Power, and many more things. An honest person never gets involved in activities that are morally wrong. Being honest is really very beneficial in the real life.  It is not a thing which one can buy or sell; it is a good habit that can be obtained through practice only.    Honesty leads a person towards an auspicious path that gives real happiness and joy.  A person can be honest only when he/she follows honesty in various aspects of life,  such as honest in speaking, honest in the workplace, honest in doing justice, honest in behavior, and