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What is the Summary of 'How to Sell Yourself'

The World’s Greatest Salesman Joe Girard has published with Warner Books Inc., (an AOL Time Warner Company) some great books like ‘How to Sell Yourself’, ‘How to Sell Anything to Anybody’, ‘How to close Every Sale’, ‘Mastering your way to the top’. Out of these for anybody irrespective of their profession or business, the book ‘ How to Sell Yourself ’ seems to be the basic and more appropriate for the beginners, as it emphasizes more on personal development through the mastery of new skills. We may wonder what is so special about this book. But once you go through the contents of this book alone, you will not resist yourself from buying this book. So why delay? Let us go through this quick index and then go to the nearby book shop or browse the web to have this book in our hands. Joe Girard in his book, ‘How to Sell Yourself’ tell us the following: Selling Yourself on You Selling Yourself to Others Building Self-Confidence and Courage Developing Positive

Joe Girard shows How to Sell Yourself

You are your #1 product. Shouldn’t you get every penny you are worth? No matter what field you are in, you need to market yourself. And nobody knows sales like Joe Girard, author of the million-copy bestseller ‘How to sell Anything to Anybody’ . And now in his book, ‘How to Sell Yourself’ , he reveals important sales secrets and shows you how you can develop the basic skills and winning character traits that will make other people take notice of what you have to offer.   Using real life anecdotes and his own remarkable life story, Joe Girard will help you: Boost your own self-worth – and demonstrate it to others Ace the job interview and enter the workplace Identify your most dynamic personal qualities (They just might surprise you!) Become a master of the fine art of listening – and use it to get ahead on the job Raise your self-confidence and “success quotient” with Joe’s twelve daily “think power” exercises. From ending procrastinati

Dale Carnegie's guide to Public Speaking

The bestselling author of ‘How to win friends and influence people’ Mr. Dale Carnegie provides the time-tested methods of persuasion in his yet another book, “How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking”. Your life can be easier ….. More exciting …. More rewarding! “Is there the faintest shadow of a reason why you should not be able to think as well in a perpendicular position before an audience as you can when sitting down? Surely, you know there is not. In fact, you ought to think better when facing a group. Their presence ought to stir and lift you. A great many speakers will tell you that the presence of an audience is a stimulus, an inspiration, that drives their brains to function more clearly, more keenly.” – Dale Carnegie. Here is a book for men and women who want to go ahead. As the author Dale Carnegie demonstrates on every page, the techniques that can put you over with an audience can help you in every phase of your life. In this wor

Indestructible Self Belief

The greatest asset you can have in life is ‘Self Belief’ . There are 7 steps to getting and keeping the Indestructible Self Belief. 1.        Do you believe in you? 2.        What is the opinion of you? 3.        Take Responsibility 4.        Think Big 5.        Recover Faster 6.        You are fabulous! 7.        Building a successful identity Read fully about these contents in the book, “Indestructible Self-Belief” by Fiona Harrold . People who handle life well, achieve great things and prosper have stronger self belief than the average person. Fiona Harrold , author of bestselling ‘Be Your Own Life Coach’ , will help you to develop magnificent levels of self belief; in seven easy steps, her pocket bible, “Indestructible Self-Belief” will equip you to make the most of yourself, so that you stretch and grow into your full potential. Life is easier when you believe in yourself. And this inspiring book will make you feel more optimistic and enthusiastic about e