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Sanathana is a Sanskrit word that means Anadi (beginningless). Sanathana further means timeless and beyond the time dimension.   Its suitable meaning is something natural and which is eternal. It further implies that it was there, it is there and it will be there forever.  It has no beginning or end. Dharma is from the Sanskrit word  'dhri', which means to hold together, to sustain. It further means truth based on righteous conduct, integrity and harmony in the Universe and about the affairs of life. Dharma represents the character, rights, duties,  religion,  customs, and all behavior considered righteous and morally reputable. It further means that Dharma  is in accordance with Nature, moral, ethical, pious, lawful, etc., Thus Sanathana  Dharma  means "the natural, ancient and eternal way". Dharma  otherwise called Vaidika Dharma , which is the original name of what is now we generally call  Hinduism or Hindu Dharma.  Hinduism is considered