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Indians Checklist of items for the First foreign trip

First time is always the thrust time for any activity that we do. But to be best at the first time itself, is a difficult thing without any guidance from the experienced people. Here we mean the experience of traveling abroad from India . So this Indian Checklist of items for the First Foreign trip will at least help the newbies i.e., the Indian travelers , to any foreign country. Our emphasis in this article will be mainly on those items which are important to us but often we neglect them when we are at our home. There will be some issues when we are out of our country which will cause the troubles to us. The examples of some of those issues are: Availability of a Particular item: This is the biggest problem. Every country has its own brands or varieties of items or products or food items whatever they may be. Finding them in foreign countries is something like a ‘W ild Goose chase’ . In a foreign country we may always find something in many shops or stores, which we don’t