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Raw Food Diet

Food is considered raw when it is not cooked or heated. The raw food diet is usually plant-based, being made up mostly of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Vegetables lose their nutrients mostly when they are overcooked. The latest diet trend is eating raw foods such as vegetables, fruits,  seeds  and nuts. Raw food supporters believe that the raw foods are ideal for human health,  can cause weight loss because it contains low calories, improves vitality,  improves overall health,. They also believe that cooking destroys considerable natural enzymes in foods, which are vital to human health and digestion.  Taking only raw food/eating fruits at least one time daily will give us numerous health benefits like controlling blood pressure because it contains low sodium, which might help in lowering chances of stroke, constipation, heart failure, osteoporosis kidney diseases, and losing weight. Before preparing raw food, all vegetables and fruits must be thoroughly cleaned in water

What is Bliss(Happiness-Ananda) and how to achieve it?

Bliss is a state of complete happiness or joy. It is real happiness, undisturbed joy, or contentment. It is a state of unity, never tedious, always new, broad and infinite. It is an eternal, forever unchanging reality that prevailed in the Universe. Hindu scriptures describe Brahman as Ananda(pure bliss) itself. In the materialistic world happiness-ananda is a joyful state attained through the fulfillment of desires or acquiring some material gains. Possessing wealth and making use of it, having good health without diseases, possessing good educational qualifications, achieving good jobs, having a good family, etc., are examples of bliss-ananda in the materialistic world. It is not always possible to maintain positive values in the home of tolerance, sharing, respect and kindness. If one has a wish to possess a big house or landed property and even after possessing it after some hard work, the happiness will last only for a few days. After which once again unhappiness and d