Before the creation was started there was nothing but peace. When the creation started the peace also commenced disturbing. The mountains and valleys, sea and land, good and bad all ups and downs came into existence.

From time to time the wise strived to restore the disturbed peace. The religions, the peace restoring societies, and so many organizations are at work to bring back peace. But the very same organizations and religions have become cause to disturb peace more and more in course of time.
When you want a peak the valley is a must. If you want ups, downs are inevitable. The so-called nature is like that. We cannot avoid only downs keeping ups. It is possible only after total dissolution, where there will be no ups and downs and everything has vanished.

As long as the created nature exists total and absolute peace is impossible. But whenever the need arises Nature will maintain and equalize the balance. How and when it happens is beyond our comprehension. Here the so-called God comes into the picture. We call it divine dynamics, which we do not know. It may be in the shape of natural calamities, deadly diseases, or by coming down as incarnation and setting it at right. It is a natural phenomenon.

But the responsibility lies on human beings to establish peace in society. It is necessary to live comfortably in society and allow others to live in the same way. This much is necessary and becomes the duty of each and every person. This is in a way helpful to God because His workload will be lessened i.e., he need not descend frequently for balancing the peace.

Leave it the question of God and think by ourselves, how peace is being disturbed and making the earth uncomfortable for human life. Not only for human life but for each and every living being. Among the whole creatures, humans have become more dangerous to nature. They are becoming more responsible for spoiling nature in all possible ways for self-profits. Adulteration, damaging forests, killing wildlife, making deadly arms like atom bombs, developing religious mania, encouraging terrorism in the name of the race, sect, language, and country, spoiling rivers, air, seas and even sky. To tell the truth, nothing is safe from humans. Scientists are already cautioning us to stop doing harm to nature, otherwise, we are inviting destruction of the earth soon, disturbing the peace drastically.

But in spite of the warning after warning by the Scientists and elders, there is no change in the human attitude. So at least now we have to think over the disturbing peace of nature and be helpful by living in tune with nature and by developing mercy over the co-living beings, leaving aside self-interest, and hatred towards others and let not become subject to nature’s severe action.

To know how to live in tune with nature read the article 'Ahimsa' and other spiritual articles posted in this website.
Posted by B.E.Sampath Kumar, and P.Subbarayudu, abhyasis Sriramchandraji Seva Trust, Kadapa.



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