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Attain Reality and Bliss following Sahaj Marg and proceed further for Union with the Ultimate (Supreme God)

The essence of the 'Infinite' (understood and termed as the Supreme God by the wise men), that is 'Reality' is within us. It is with us since the beginning of our individual entity because of a stir in the 'Ultimate' the process of creation started. Everything emerged from the Ultimate and a tinge of its essence in the shape of energy has crept into the creation. We too have our share as we are also the part and parcel of the creation.

But during the process we gathered and added up number of sheaths (coverings or layers) in the shape of Samskaras (the outcome/effects/results of good and bad thoughts and deeds) one over the other. And now  they have become so solidified that they do not allow us even to peep into the Reality. Thus the state of Reality has become an unbelievable thing to us.
On adopting spiritual life we travel back unfolding the coverings (dissolving the layers) around the original entity (soul), that means undergoing the effects of past and present deeds with acceptance and with the guidance of the Master (Guru - spiritual mentor). During the return journey i.e., following spiritual practice we come across so many experiences touching the inner core of the heart.  On the way one steps into a sphere called Reality where all the feelings and its effects are brushed off. A condition developed, which is rid of absurd emotions. Neither is there distraction in mind nor single-pointedness (focus), neither any longing for union nor for separation, the thought seems to have dissolved in itself. Neither is there any worry nor sorrow nor happiness nor ecstasy. This may be expressed as a dumb state beyond expression.  A state of tasteless taste. A state where peace and tranquility are unwanted.
Hence in this state of Reality one may feel a dry, drab and a barren sensation having no interest in anything. This kind of disinterest may slowdown the march towards infinity. A stand still condition or a bit fall from the high condition may happen, hindering the progress. At this stage a little dose of bliss will be showered on the soul so that it may not feel bored.  This bliss produces a wonderful freshness and the journey restarts to the destiny. Hence the cleaning process prescribed in Sahaj Marg system helps a lot to brush off the sluggishness and to give a push towards the goal.
Bliss (Anand) as said by our renowned sages is a thing granted for making the aspirant active and to proceed on the path.  The Real Thing (Satpadartha) is tasteless, dry, drab and barren and nobody appreciates it, though it is essential. On development of such stages in aspirants, bliss is showered on them, so as to keep them on the track preventing the middle dropouts. Truly speaking Bliss is not the thing beneficial for spiritual progress. There is a danger too with the bliss. One may take it as the final thing of their pursuit and becomes stagnated duly enjoying it thinking as if it is the final goal. Hence the help of Master (by way of Yogic transmission - Pranahuthi) is needed to get a push from these buffers. The real Masters make use of this bliss as a stimulant only when its need is felt as a must.
So after crossing all the stages duly getting spiritual experiences, the soul enters the sphere of Reality and gets the bliss required to proceed to the final stage of human approach. This state is otherwise called as "Almost union with the Ultimate". The total union or mergence with the Ultimate is however impossible. All the souls evolved should stay at this point and dissolve into the Ultimate at the time of 'Total Dissolution' (Maha Pralaya). Till that time they have to stay at this point.
On account of their stay at this point, the great souls (Avatars, meaning Incarnations) like Sri Rama, Sri Krishna etc., are still helping their disciples (Bhaktas). Otherwise they might have totally merged into the Ultimate losing their personal identity and thereby of no avail to the disciples.
Total dissolution means merging of everything in the Ultimate leaving nothing in the universe. That is the end of the whole creation. Then the question of existence of any being, entity or identity does not arise. The only thing that remains will be 'Nothing' (Soonyam) and from that 'Nothing' the new creation starts again.
So we should always aim at Nothing (into which everything ends)  which is otherwise known as the Ultimate God.  Possibility or impossibility is not the question. Leave it to 'that' and 'that' itself. Our aim should always be the Highest.
Courtesy: Sri. Policharla Subbarayudu (Preceptor) of Sri RamaChandraji Maharaj Seva Trust, Kadapa.


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