Doing Meditation either for Spiritual progress or for Peace or for Health is most beneficial

Those who MEDITATE regularly and do a little bit of Yoga and those who eat SAATTVIC food (food that causes Serene Behaviour) like Vegetarian or Vegan diet, will need less sleep, not more than 6 hours a day! We don’t make a scientific claim here, but based on the widely available information to the public on internet, we just put forward our observation based on experience.

There is a lot to be known about meditation for spiritual progress. There are many articles written on ViprasCraft about Philosophy and Spirituality.

Meditation as many of us know is a good and free medicine also for the ailments like Stress and Strain, to keep the problems like Blood Pressure (Hypertension) and Blood Sugar levels in control.

Meditation is a form of breathing exercise even if we do it unintentionally because, when you are RELAXED (as you reduce your brain wave frequencies by meditating) there is a natural phenomenon that causes you to breathe deeply which is good for health.

So Meditation aided by Pranayaama (direct breathing exercises) and a little bit of Yoga will make us PEACEFUL, healthy and make us consume less MEDICINES!

In Ashtaanga Yoga (8 phases Yoga) prescribed by Maharishi Patanjali, the order of Yogic phases for complete SALVATION were mentioned in this order.

1. Yama (Don'ts),
2. Niyama (Rules to be followed),
3. Aasana (Most of Hatha Yoga),
4. Pranayaama (Breathing exercise),
5. Pratyaahara (Restraining senses),
6. Dhaarana (Taking up an initiation),
7. Dhyaana (MEDITATION), and
8. Samaadhi (Nirvaana).

So MEDITATION is of utmost importance and it is said that by regular meditation we get the effects of the previous stages sooner or later! For more details about spirituality and the importance of meditation, you can read more in this post on Real goal of Human Life



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