MADHA(PRIDE/EGO) is the root of all evil and  one of the six bad vices viz., Kama(Desire), Krodha( Anger), Lobha(Greed), Moha(Attachment), Madha(Pride) and Mascharya( Jealous).  It is a  conceited attitude or way of behaving.  Due to the predominance of the three gunas i.e., Satvic, Rajasic and Thamasic,  its nature varies from person to person.  In Pride,  Rajas Guna predominates and true spiritual progress cannot be achieved.

pride person has an excessive self-image, feels  himself different from others,  too interested in  appearance and  proud of his abilities. He feels too confident and does not show enough respect for other people. A feeling that he is better or more important than others,  acts like a hurdle when one tries to have  a positive relationship with him. When viewed as a virtue,  it is known as virtuous pride about the greatness of  his soul or generosity, but when viewed as a vice it is often known to be self praising about one's own achievements, feeling of separateness being distinct and different from others.

Lord Srikrishna in Bhagavat Githa teaches us in Chapter 3 verse 27 that how Pride(ego) takes us into its grip.

                                    Prakriteh kriyamanani gunaih karmani   
                               ahankara -vimudhatma  kartaham iti manyate

All activities are carried out by the three modes of material nature viz., Goodness(Satva), Passion(Rajas) and Ignorance(Tamas). But  in grip of the unforgiving Pride(Ego) the soul, deluded by false identification with the body thinks itself to be the doer.

It is the Gunas of  Prakiti like Satva, Rajas etc., that perform all the activities appropriate to them.  But the man, whose nature is deluded by his Ahankara thinks, I am the doer of all these actions. The meaning is that it is because of this Ahankara, that one who is ignorant of the real nature of the self, thinks, I am the doer with regard to the activities that are really being done by the Gunas of Prakrti.

In the  great Indian  epic Mahabharath we see  how Duryodana's pride ruined his life  in Mahabharath war. The story runs as follows:

During Kurukshetra war both Kauravas and Pandavas wanted  to seek help from Lord Krishna  to strengthen their Army powers in the war.  First Duryodhana came to Lord  Krishna and  found Lord Krishna was sleeping.  But due to pride he sat close to the head of  Lord Krishna as he felt insult sitting close to his legs.

After some time Arjuna came  and sat at the legs of  Lord  Krishna and waiting for him  to wake up.  Krishna woke up and saw Arjuna sitting near his legs. Then Duryodhana tried to show his presence by a small voice with his throat. Then Krishna also saw Duryodhana. Then both seek the help of  Lord Krishna in the war. Then Krishna told them  that both of you came here for help.  So I am making it clear that i will put one side all my army and another side myself. But I will not fight in the war but always be with you.

Then Krishna gave the first choice to Arjuna though Duryodhana interfered  and said that he came first and deserved for   first choice to select . But Krishna denied it saying that first choice will go to Arjuna as He first saw him.  Arjuna chose Lord  Krishna for their side. Duryodhana chose the army for their side thinking that Arjuna  was foolish and idiot and  did the biggest mistake by selecting  Srikirshna.  Duryodhana  due to his pride/ego chose  the army and he was proved as foolish and did the biggest mistake under the influence of his ego/ahankar,  lost  his life and all his brothers in the war.

Lord Sri Krishna, in Bhagavath Githa  Chapter 18, verse 17 says that  those who are fee from Pride, are not bound in the Karmic reactions of what they do.

                                  Yasya nahankrito bhavo buddhir yasya na lipyate
                                     hatva pi sa imal lokan na hanti na nibadhyate

Those who are free from the ego of being the doer, and whose intellect is unattached, though they may slay living beings, they neither kill nor are they bound by actions.
Those with purified intellect are free from the false pride of being the doer. They also do not seek to enjoy the fruits  of their actions.  Thus, they are not bound in the karmic reactions of what they do.

The pride/ego must be eradicated by following some tips given here under in order to achieve true spiritual enlightenment.

Whenever we commit a mistake,  we must be humble enough to admit it.  Knowing when we are wrong and admitting,  it is a sign of maturity and wisdom. Moreover, only courageous people can do this. Not only admitting our mistakes  but willing to apologize if we have done wrong to others  and accept open heartedly whatever their response would be to our apology.

If some one does better than us in any aspect, then accept that truth and we should  not dislike the said  person and if he does  not perform  well like us, we must  cheer that person up,   sincerely encourage him and  willing to help him to improve without having an  idea in mind that he may bypass us.

Too many praises and appreciations could make us to fall prey to the evil Pride/Ego,  instead we should not feel  that our eyes are on our head.  We must  always evaluate ourselves  to make sure pride has not got into our head.

Treat the people the way we  want to be treated. Do not do to others the way we do not want others to do to us. We must never think that we deserve a better treatment than how we treat others.  
No matter how many degrees we possess in  our education, in which high  position  doing our job and respect in the society,  how much we have in our  bank balance, never think that we  are better or more important than anyone else.  Pride(Ego/Ahankar) is just like dust in the eyes. Without cleaning the dust we cannot see clearly. So if we remove pride from our minds  and see the world, it looks more beautiful.

Stop boasting  how good we  are  helping  poor or needy so that we  should not  caught  under the influence of the evil Pride. Always thank  every one who does something helpful to us like the servant at our home, or a waiter at a hotel who serves food, and even in small things at our work place, because gratitude is one of the best  traits of a gentleman. 


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