Follow Sanatana Dharma (Righteousness) in Life

Dharma is a Sanskrit word having different meanings being used according to the situation. It is also loosely translated as 'faith' which is not correct. Faith is based on belief, Dharma is based on Truth.

At times it is used in the sense of justice and in other senses it is used as donation. By righteous character man becomes Godly otherwise the same man becomes a devil.

Dharma can be interpreted in many ways, but it basically means the 'true and natural' property.

And when it is used to express eternal laws of this Universe that govern this Nature that includes nano particles, microbes to planets, eco systems, vast galaxies, etc., and when it refers to the unchangeable perfect laws of Karma which form the basis of all causes and effects in this world, the wise sages of India called this Dharma as 'Sanatana Dharma (Sanātana Dharma)' which means 'the eternal laws of righteousness'.

Dharma is the moral law, which guides one's life. It is the very foundation of human life. It upholds the natural order of the Universe. The root of Dharma is compassion. Austerity, purity, compassion and truthfulness are essential for living on a Dharmic path. Non-violence, truth, non-coveting, purity of body and mind, control of senses are the essence of Dharma.

A soul's Dharma (natural property) is to acquire the necessary knowledge, put up enough practice, to perform its duty, to achieve Mukti (Salvation).

Sri Rama, the hero of Ramayana is the physical and historical embodiment of Dharma. He possessed all perfect human qualities such as kindness, friendliness, brotherliness, bravery and loveliness. So reading Ramayana, good human qualities imbibe into our heart.

Sometimes Dharma is also used to denote one's prescribed duty in the right way. Performing Dharma is not an easy thing. If an act is performed with fear, hesitation and shame, it is Adharma and if there is fearlessness, courage, and valor in doing an act it is Dharma.

A man engaged in committing theft and murder is influenced by the idea of virtue and sin. That is why his action is not done with courage. The thief hides himself and commits theft. When such is the condition, a man doing the wrong thing takes the bad effect in his heart first, and then does bad things to others. Will an act like robbery and dacoity (banditry) really give happiness?

We must honor the rights of others. If we allow others to do their work according to the Dharma, then only we will be on the path of Dharma. If we do against it, we have to face so many difficulties and at the same time we push others too to difficulties. It is destructive in both the ways and it is Adharma.

Non-violence (Ahimsa) is the greatest Dharma. Every living being in this world is the God's creation only. As such, all beings are the children of the only one God and thereby all of us are brothers and sisters. Without selfishness we must use our financial, physical, educational and strength for the welfare of others. Then only we will be on the right path. It gives peace, joy, strength, and tranquility within one's life and makes life disciplined and brings the world in real sense.

As an example, in case a rogue armed with weapons chases a woman to molest her and if she somehow escapes and hides, and a third person who saw this woman hiding, and understands the risk with the chasing miscreant, can tell a lie and misdirect the rogue to save that woman. Here the Dharma is established even with a lie.

It is said that in Kaliyuga (present days of declining Dharma) that Dharma is moving with only one leg out of four and as such any good act (Dharmic act) performed now a days counts very much. So perform Dharma and allow others to do their Dharma, because it is the other name for God Himself.

Mere talking and preaching about Dharma is of no use. If an act of others hurts us, we should not to act in that way lifelong towards others. It is the definition of Dharma given in the Hindu epic 'Mahabharata'. If we save Dharma i.e., if we follow Dharma it will automatically save us, because Dharma is not different from God. The property of God and God himself can't be separated.

Credits: Sri. B.E. Sampath Kumar of Sri RamaChandraji Maharaj Seva Trust, Kadapa.


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