God is impartial, so choose the pious path and be free from bad Karma

The entire Universe is the creation of God. God has created so many animate and inanimate things in this Universe. God has created human beings and endowed them with the faculty of thinking and discrimination expecting them to rise to a divine level. God with his creation of Nature has provided two ways for us. One is pious life and another is life with all vices. To select the correct path is entirely that of a man concerned.

The pious people will never resort to bad deeds in their life and they will stand as moral to so many in the society. They use their intellect and help others to come to right path. The people having real belief in God are good and law abiding. They will afraid of doing sin. If they do any wrong act, they realize it and shed tears of regret before the Ultimate (God) feeling His presence.

The other sect of people will never listen to good advices and face problems and get themselves ruined. When they suffer they may even curse God. They run after pleasures, which give purely temporary happiness and that too for a short time.

The pious people will admire girl's charm considering her beauty as God's gift, whereas the bad people will entertain basic instincts (a natural inborn impulse in animals).

God being impartial, with no likes or dislikes, remains as an observer. He will not like anyone resorting to bad deeds. God gives a chance of this life on the earth only to undergo the pleasures and pains according to our past deeds and thereby we become clean and pure. We have to perform everything in the sense of duty taking no credit of anything on us. Having balanced condition with no attachment and detachment towards the happenings in the life is the best.

Leading this kind of life having continued dependence on God (Ultimate) is itself a great penance and by which one can achieve the real goal of life. It is believed that the purity and piousness observed on this earth qualifies us to reach the Ultimate (God), the real goal of life which is beyond heaven and hell.

Living against the above principles, so many coverings (samskaras), i.e, effects of our actions both good and bad, will form on our original entity 'Soul(Atma)' and fall into the running wheel of births and death for undergoing the effects of our own actions and reactions in different bodies and in different lives to experience the 'Karma Phala (the net result of our actions-both good and bad) and this goes on until we clear all the accumulated Samskaras or till Mahapralaya (total annihilation).


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