Peace of mind is a mental state of calmness or tranquility, and  freedom from worry and anxiety.  The desire of every human being and the goal of every prayer is peace of mind. It   is a beautiful gift, which only we can give to ourselves just by expecting nothing from any one. There is no real  wealth in this world than peace of mind.   

Happy life is all about the art of balancing our relationship with all the  family members,  relatives and friends. It  can only be found if we  can free ourselves  of all other distractions. For every minute of being  angry we  lose the same amount of  happiness in our life.  It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, kindness and gratitude. It will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have. We won't get real happiness  from what we get, but it comes  from what we give to others and other living beings.  Feeling some positive emotions every day has a big effect on our happiness and well being.  We feel happy  while playing with  children or with pets or  participating in cultural programs, feeding poor people etc.,       

To bring peace and happiness into our lives   we need to make some inner changes and remove negative influences from our life. Wealth, material possessions and fame might bring temporary happiness and inner peace, but true happiness and inner peace come from within us. A positive attitude make us  feel light, happy and peaceful. We must be careful about the  negative thoughts which try to rule our mind.

Now the question is how to lead a happy and peaceful life without worries? As per the medical science, the deciding factors of Happiness in people are four hormones. They are Endorphin, Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin.

Endorphins release in our body when we do exercises. They give tolerance to bear the pain while  doing exercises so that we feel happy. By laughing also the endorphins will release in a big extent. That is why our elders included laughing in the Yoga as one of the exercises.  Laughing is  a visual expression of joy and happiness  and no laughing is a disease. So do exercises daily  for 30 minutes,  laugh loudly by reading  good jokes and by  seeing  the funny videos.

The hormone Dopamine motivates us to take action towards goals and desires and give pleasure when achieving them.  If  you acquire  a degree in a subject you like, or when your boss praises about  your work in the office,  the dopamine level in your body increases. If you praise your wife of her cooking, or her dress or her beauty,  the dopamine level in your wife will be increased.  Like wise when you purchase a new motor cycle, or  a  new ornament for your life partner, or when you go for shopping and purchase  something for your loved ones, your dopamine level will be increased.  So friends  try to raise your shopping  budget or learn to praise your friends and relatives  for that  there will be no expenditure.  Ladies can praise their husbands for so many reasons, for which the level of dopamine will increase in them,  so that they  gain much from their husbands. 

If we lead a stress free life, we feel happy and  Seretonin level will be increased in our body. Serotonin level will be increased when you help others or  by donating some money or any articles  to  orphanages or old age homes or feeding birds and animals. To be happy and make others happy we can  go to the houses of  our  friends/relatives  for spending some  time with them happily.   But remember that we are not going to their houses  for inquiring what new articles they purchased and feel  jealous.  By Planting trees, donating blood, doing voluntary service in temples, organising and participating in  cultural  programmes,  posting good and useful matters   in face book/whats App, and helping others  we spend our time for  good reasons, so the dopamine level in our body increases.

Oxytocin level will be increased when we hug others. This generally happen in newly married days. When we hug our friends or other loved ones,  the oxytocin level will   not only increase  in us but also in the person whom we hug.    The dose will be more in lovers.  When we shake hands with Cine Actors or Political Leaders we feel it great because of the  release of oxytocin level in us.  . Remember the moments when you hug first time your life partner or touch your new born child.

Inner peace is closely related to happiness. Happiness does not come from attaining luxuries.  It comes from attaining inner peace. Dedicating some time every day to practice mindfulness meditation is a definite route to increase inner peace and happiness. Being grateful for all that you have in life is one way to achieve inner peace and happiness. Chanting mantras or doing meditation  every day under the guidance of  a Sadguru will enhance one's inner peace and happiness. 


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