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Understanding Men and Women fully reading 'Men are from Mars Women are from Venus'

This post offers our feedback about this good book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” which contains a description of various insights into understanding the nature of the men and the women in great detail. It is usual for men and women generally to expect their life partners to be the mirror images of themselves in terms of behavior, but it is very rare to find a match like that. Not only in case of life partner, but also with any other men and women (like father, mother, brothers and sisters) sometimes we try to help them thinking they would like what we do and the events turn against us. More important when we open a conversation to help someone is the ‘Timing’ and if it is wrong, the things would only become worse.

For example, men always try to be “Mr. Fix-it” and women always try to do the role of “Home-Improvement committee”, is a good example to understand the behaviors. Mr. Fixit approach of men makes them ‘solutions’ which troubles the women at times. And the woman sometimes tries to ‘improve’ the situations or the working style of husband offering guidance or unsolicited advice even when the man is not expecting that at a particular timing. When the man offers ‘solutions’ the woman thinks that he is not caring about her, not interested in her to listen about her problems, and when woman offers guidance to improve her man’s working style, he thinks that she is not believing in his capabilities. Though this kind of behaviour is not found in all the men and women, these are observed commonly in many men and women at times.

Another such example is “Men go to their Caves and Women talk”. This means that when they are facing problems, men prefer to stay alone meaning going to the caves for solving their problems alone, while women prefer to discuss about their problems. So imagine a situation when you and your spouse are facing your own problems simultaneously, and if you don’t know this simple psychological aspect about men and women then you and your spouse will think about each other in the negative way. You may think that you are already in problems and your spouse, instead of understanding you, is troubling you.

Apart from these two examples, there are many other, and John Gray, the author of this book and a PhD in Psychology explains the natural tendencies of men and women as per his experience in counseling, reveals the facts that Men and Women behave in completely different ways for reacting or while experiencing a few situations, as if they are from different planets.
Like Mars is completely different from Venus in terms of characteristics, so do are Men and Women in understanding each other. Explore this book and try to find the better ways of dealing with Men and Women especially when they are in the upset condition.

Benefit and improve your psychological understanding of the men and women around you, from reading “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”.


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