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Easiest way of Realization of God

Which is the easiest way of realization of God?

We belong to the country where religious spirit has ever been flowing in one or the other form.  Diverse means are adopted for the purpose of gaining the objective of life.  They may be correct if the heart is connected with it in the real sense, so as to be absorbed in the essence of real life. 

We are bred to have union with Reality which we have emerged from.  We have brought with us the very essence of Infinity and we should try to keep close to it, in order to give freedom to our thought for absorption in the Infinite.  If we neglect it, we remain bound to activity of thought, and not to the Reality at the root which is limitless.  

Hymns and prayers offered generally result in flattery when one is dumb to the real spirit of the essential character. 

Great teachers have always been actively speculating to devise means and methods of higher approach, though the solution is quite at hand.  Really, the path nearest to yourself is the path nearest to God.  

Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj has rendered wonderful service to humanity in this respect by providing the easiest means of gaining the objective of life.  His methods are so easy that their easiness has become a veil for common understanding.  

Simple and subtle means are needed for the realisation of the subtlest Being.  Realisation has been represented as a very difficult and complicated job.  This offers great discouragement to people who are thereby scared away from it.  

Such ideas should be banished from the mind, for they weaken the will which is the only instrument to help us on our onward march. Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj has suggested a simple process which can be followed by all quite easily. 

If one can sell his  heart, i.e., make a gift of it to the Divine Master,  hardly anything more remains to be done.  This shall naturally bring him to the state of absorbency in the Infinite Reality.  The adoption of this easy and simple technique makes the beginning of the process the very end of it.  

The impulse begins to flow in automatically transforming the entire being of an individual.  What else except a tiny heart can be the fittest offering for the achievement of the dearest objective of life?

To effect the surrender of heart in the easiest way, only an act of will is required.  But the lighter and finer the will, the more effective shall be its working.  An act of will, lying in the form of a seed of an insignificant volume in the deeper core of consciousness, shall soon develop into a full fledged tree stretching its branches all over. 

Finally, the adoption of the method is sure to bring in an attitude of renunciation from the very first day.  A courageous start is all that is needed for the purpose. May the true seeker see the light and wake up to the call of his real  Self. 

My personal  view is, in this article Sri Ramchandraji, shows an easy and effective method to the aspirants of God realization.  It is mentioned in Bhagavatgeetha that if any one offers, water, leaves, flowers and fruits with devotion, the God will receive them.  

"patram puspam phalam toyam
yo me bhaktya prayacchati
tad aham bhakty-upahrtam
asnami prayatatmanah"

-- BhagavadGita Chapter 9

This means:

If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit a water, I will accept it.

In my view the above things i.e., Leaves, Flowers, Fruits and Water are all created by God and human beings cannot create them.  

Even the oblations (puddings prepared by us,) we offer to the God,  the raw materials are created by God only. We are unable to create any thing. 

At times we may not be able to offer any one of  the above also to the God, for example while in journey, or in case of hospitalization, etc. 

But Heart (Hrudaya Kamalam)  is our own and we can utilize it in good/ bad deeds according to our will. It is always with us till our death. So our Master told us to gift our heart to the God which is better than offering water, leaves, flowers, fruits, oblations, etc.

In this condition one  performs all the activities  in the sense of duty to God.  For whom everything is his duty whether it is concerned with his family or with other people whatever it may be. He becomes egoless and  an instrument in the hands of God,   feels that everything is going on automatically and his responsibility is to live in tune with nature according to the will of God. 

A collection from the writings of Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj,  Sahajmarg Founder, by B.E.Sampath Kumar, Abhyasi, Sri Ramchandraji Seva Trust, Kadapa.


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