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Love Universal

Things come and go, but we remain the same.  If we thoroughly scrutinize ourselves, changeless state is there, but we are connected with the changeable and either we take interest in it or hate it, and both of them are the links for bondage.  We should rise above all these things if we want to live a peaceful life.  Sahajmarg brings out these results if we do practice it with interest.

Many say that they are trying hard to raise themselves from the mire of thoughts and emotions.  It is of course, the duty of an abhyasi and he is awakened to that state and work starts in that colour.

A piece of cloth is prepared by the wisdom of the weaver.  His hands are at work but he displays his wisdom by the movement of his hands.  Wisdom has its own center, but it works through the hand also.  Similarly when the idea of betterment is there, this is the sure sign of improvement.

God has created the world so that every flower may grow in its right standard. But the lashes of time have made it to forget  the Purpose of God. So, some feel life as purpose of enjoyment, others feel life monotonous.  But the question is: What is life? It is a state of being which should remain permanently, as long as we live, thoroughly in contact with the Being(God), smelling at each step the Fragrance of the Being(God).

It is the nature of children that sometimes they feel more attached to the mother and sometimes to their father.  Love, the basis of all, is there, so the attachment is also there, of course, there may not be so many off-shoots.

We should live a life like the coot and ducks in water which, when they are out of water, have no effect of water on their wings.  Similarly we should love our parents and everyone in the family without being soiled by attachment.  This is the spiritual way of expressing the idea.

This motherly affection, so deep, for the first time shows that He has advanced a step further. That is the sign of aggravation of love.  Now, He has started learning love from the very base which moves on all other sides.

One has to remove only the brokenness and he will feel love flowing equally to one and all, and  it becomes Universal.   In that case, father, mother, husband, wife and everybody will have the same share, Love is not bad, but its proper utilisation we do not know.  That, Sahajmarg system  will teach in due course of time.

It is a hidden dictum of Nature that every soul must live a happy and restful life.  If we do otherwise, we are spoiling His world. We are all family people, but we must be moderate in all our dealings and money is also essential for us everywhere. So it becomes our duty to have it for our maintenance and good living.  But love of money for its won sake is a disease and a sort of sordid ambition. Necessities of life should be meager. Plain living and high thinking is an English proverb. Detachment in attachment is really needed.  The happiest man is he who is happy under all circumstances.

Every one may get over his difficulties and live happy life worth living for spiritualism. All may taste the beauty hidden in Love for the Ultimate.

This is a message delivered by Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj, founder of Sahajmarg.  Posted by B.E.Sampath Kumar, Abhyasi, Sri Ramchandraji Seva Trust, Kadapa.


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