Food has major role in human existence. It influences not just our physical health, but also our consciousness. There is a saying "You are what you eat". So we must eat food that helps us in making spiritual advancement in our lives.
Lord Srikrishna in Bhagavat Githa, said that food determines the gunas (satvic, rajasic and thamasic) of  human beings in Chapter 17 verses 8 to 10.
Here is the brief description about them:
Satvic foods are those that lead to clarity of mind and physical health. These foods are very dear to those of goodness. They promote longevity, virtues, health,strength, happiness,joy etc.,
Fruits, vegetables,milk, milk products, sugar, rice,wheat, honey, juices etc., come under this category.

Rajasic foods are those that have a stimulating effect on the mind and body. Those foods lead to aggressiveness and irritability. They are very bitter, sour,salty,hot, pungent etc. These foods cause pain, grief,disease, etc., and liked by persons in the mode of passion.
Some lentils, meat,chick peas,spices, onion,garlic,tea, coffee,pickles etc., fall  under this  category.

Thamasic foods are those that causes sedative effect on the mind and body. Those foods cause mental dullness and physical numbness. 
Beef, pork, mushrooms, alcohol, tobacco, beverages, opium etc., come under this category.

In Mahabharata, an Indian epic there is an instance relating to our present topic.
When Srikrishna, went to the court of king  Dhritarashtra, for intercession on behalf of Pandavas, Dhuryodana, son of  Dhritarastra, with an evil intention invited Srikrishna for a feast in his palace. As Dhuryodana, his brothers and his friends are not satvic in nature, Srikrishna bluntly refused his offer and went and take food in the residence of Vidhura, the brother of Dhritarashtra, who is pious in nature.

Now a days, most of the people bent upon earning money and properties  in whatever manner they acquire them, whether  dishonestly earned  or deceiving others. Corruption prevailed in most of the Govt. Departments and in Public sector undertakings. It is needless to say about the earning of most of the politicians. Earning became their goal of life.
When we sit for taking our food, either in our own house or some where else on invitation by somebody, we have to think, how the food is prepared and put on our table, even if it is satvic, whether it is prepared with honest earning or not. If it is prepared with honest earning, it promotes virtues, health, happiness, mental peace etc.,
If the food, which is prepared with dishonest earning and by deceiving others, we eat and provide to our family members, it is a sin and it adversely affect  our family members. It is the law of nature.
Posted by B.E.Sampath Kumar, Vipras Craft team member.



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