Friday, October 17, 2008

Shabari's episode in Ramayana teaches lessons for Life

Ramayana is the first spiritual and inspirational story a typical Indian (Hindu) child listens from his/her mother or from the grand parents. I think there is no need to explain the past times of Lord Sri Rama. But sometimes we need to recall a specific event from those kinds of epics to evaluate or understand the real life situations. Following below is such an example.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Role of Widgets in Online Marketing

Today Online web-marketing takes a prominent role in many advertising campaigns over the internet. Each advertiser chooses different media in representing their products or links to the users over the internet. The advertisers can show their ads as text-links over the internet through URLs pointing back to their sites, or they can swtich to scrolling ads as they can sometimes find really better results with them. In case of text based ads using URLs, for any modifications in their ads they have to update the relevant links which take considerable time. There are too many links already available for a number of websites which makes it difficult in getting good response from the customers because a particular link will be one among the hundreds of others links.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Abraham Lincoln's definition of Creative work

This is a nice fact that it is not important what we do. Sometimes, it is only important how best we can do a job (of course the job should not be something like robbery or violence and terrorism, it should be legal, moral and spiritually justified). In engineering terms, we can say, it is not the quantity of the job we do that is important, but the quality of the job which is important.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

'Nirvana Shatkam' explains better about 'Atman' - the eternal Soul

The greatness of Hinduism lies in the facts that first of all, it is not a religion but it is only an enduring culture which sustained many invasions, cultural attacks and yet thrives in India. Secondly, in the deeper sense, it offers various methods and practices for the humans so that one can follow his/her preferred method.
Hinduism has nothing to preach against other religions and it is only by the provoking acts of the other religions that today some Hindus are revolting against such attempts, which is again an undesirable thing happening in modern India.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Who is the Supreme God?

Hindus call the Supreme God as "Vishnu" or "Krishna", the Christians may call the same Supreme God as "The Almighty", the Jews may call "Jehova" and the Muslims refer to the same supreme God as “Allah” and finally it is the one and only one Supreme God, who is the ultimate.
Can anybody negate this opinion? There is probably no other way left for anyone to negate this opinion, because if they negate this opinion, first of all they are not honest and then there must be different Gods existing, different Earths, and different Universes even!

Before the Jesus Christ, there was no Christianity. But the world existed. Similarly before the birth of Islam, the world existed. And only after Prophet Mohammed, there originated the Islam. However in contrast to these two religions, the Hinduism has no particular date or time that was discovered by the man, to say when it has originated.

A little off the topic, to be more precise, Hinduism is not a religion at all. It is a way of life, one which has been existing in this world since times immemorial. It has survived many foreign invasions, and was subjected to much suppression and yet has survived for thousands of years. Nowadays it is assumed to be a religion out of ignorance and the false impression created by the British and the other Europeans. Hindustan is often mistaken for as the place of Hindus, but India was, and is a place of many religions existing together. Buddhism originated from the Hinduism and was spread by the Indian Emperor Ashoka to the other countries, similarly, the Jainism, the Sikh religion and so on, had their birth in India.

Coming back to the point, what ever may be the religion, the Hindu, the Muslim, the Jewish or the Christianity, everyone says “God is one! He is the Supreme Being. He is the one responsible for this life on this Earth or in this Universe.” “Love is divine. We must treat our fellow humans to be our brothers and sisters. All the living creatures are created by Him and we should love them too”. To hear everything seems to be perfectly alright and the essence of all the religions as regards to their basic principles is the same.

But why people are fighting on this Earth for proving that their religion is the best. How is it possible that there exists more than one Truth for explaining the same thing?

How can the Christians or Jews claim that “Jehova” is the only supreme God and the others are not, with all the above mentioned qualities, when they say 'He' is Universal and Everything is created by Him in this Universe?

Similarly How can the Muslims claim that “Allah” is the only supreme God with all the same qualities? And how can Hindus or people from any other religion claim that their God is the only Supreme being? Once we say that there are different Gods who belong to different religions, then how our God is Supreme and unique?

If all of us agree temporarily forgetting all about the religions, that God is One and He is the Supreme Being, how can “Allah” or “Yahova” or “Krishna” be different from one another.Even if we think that, considering only these three names for the moment, Allah, Yahova, Krishna exist, but are different, then how are they Supreme compared to the other. And no where in the history it is recorded that these three existed at the same period. And first of all, if someone has fully known about the God and have fully described him in some books, then God can’t be infinite, as we suppose him to be. He would definitely be finite as he can be described clearly.

If the Supreme God was born on a particular date or in a particular period, then the people to whom he was born would be the supreme beings. Then in that case if the God has to be Supreme, He must not have any particular birthday. And if someone is not born, he can’t die too. And all of us agree to this that Supreme God has no end to his existence. Then for what rubbish, we are all quarrelling about? It is for spreading of our foolishness. To spread our ignorance. To satisfy our ego. And what else?

Is there any difference, if one calls his father as ‘father’ in English, ‘pitha’ in Hindi, ‘pitruhu’ in Sanskrit or with some name in Urdu or in Arabic? Similarly is there any difference, if there is only one supreme God and if one calls him, “Krishna”, the other, “Allah” and another as “Jesus”?

Then why there is a difference in this world, if the same Supreme God is called as “Krishna” or “Vishnu” by the Hindus, “Allah” by the Muslims, and “Yahova” or “Jesus” by the Christians.

If Allah created the whole universe, then he is the one who also has created the Hindus and the Christians or any other people, and is it correct for the so-called 'Jehadi Muslims' to hate Hindus and the Christians and to kill them, and the same meaning holds good for the terms, Jesus or Krishna, and for the Christians and Hindus, if they do the same.

Hindus may not know exactly what was really said by the really good people of all the other enduring religions, but as far the minimum knowledge Hindus have about this whole world, they can say that the essence of the religions is same. Again, these days, there are some fundamentalists coming up in Hinduism, trying to do the same violent actions against Muslims and other communities in India.

A real Hindu or a Brahman means one who is in the divine path, who is the Knower of the God, then a Muslim or a Christian can be a Hindu, if they are divine and a Hindu has to be a Muslim, if a real Muslim is one who always thinks and follows the divine path, Both Hindu and Muslim can be Christians too.

'Brahman' is a Sanskrit word meaning 'A man who stays with Brahma'. Here 'mann' represents 'Mind' and 'Brahma' represents the Creator.

The wise and ancient Indians said “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, a Sanskrit sentence, which means, “All the World is One Family”, and any good and enduring religion may say this or agree with this point too.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

How to Make a Man and a Nation Great!

“Desamante Matti kaadoyi, desamante manushuloyi” is a Telugu proverb which is well known to the people of Andhra Pradesh. And about the great visionary Swami Vivekananda, every Indian has a great respect.

Let me remind to many of you and unveil to some of you, what he has said about the course of making a man and in turn his nation great.

Three things are necessary to make every man great and every nation great.

1. Conviction of the powers of Goodness,

2. Absence of Jealousy and Suspicion,

3. Helping all those who are trying to be and do good.

The great secret is absence of jealousy. Be always ready to concede to the opinions of your brethren and try always to conciliate.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pakodi and Bhajji - two famous Indian snacks

Pakodi and Bhajji are two of the famous Indian Snacks most commonly found in almost all parts of India. Made from Chickpeas flour (also referred to as Gram flour), they are not only good to taste but also good for health to some extent. The only thing that is not good for health, like in many other preparations, is the Oil. But once in a while, if you want to have a good evening when you don’t feel like going out, for example, when it is raining outside, or on a dull day, you can prepare this snack and relish it, and a cup of tea as a supplement, adds more to your pleasure.

The procedure for preparing both of these snacks is very simple.

For Pakodi

  1. Cut onions into thin and a bit lengthy slices.
  2. Take 150-200 gm of Chickpeas flour (also called ‘Gram flour’ in English) and add some salt and pepper according to your taste and estimation. Add a pinch of turmeric if you like, to get a good color.
  3. Mix well, and then add sufficient quantity of water so that the flour becomes a thick paste (slurry). Now put the chopped onions into the slurry and mix well. The slurry shall be just sufficient that all the onion pieces will have some flour coating on them.
  4. Take edible oil in a pan and bring to a boil on a medium flame, and gently drop small balls of the flour-coated onions into the boiling oil. Deep fry for few seconds to one minute. (This depends on how big is your burner and the flame)
  5. Remove the Pakodis (those fried balls) from the boiling oil using a perforated scoop while they are still yellowish. (Because after you remove them out, they turn a little darker).

Note: Hold for a few seconds and shake the scoop slightly to let off the excess oil sticking to the surface of Pakodis. Well, you can also put these on tissue paper which absorbs all the excess oil.

Now you can enjoy your Pakodis. You can use tomato ketchup or any other sauce of your choice, for taste. Buon apetito!

For Bhajji

  • The procedure is the same, but instead of Onions, use slices of your preferred vegetables like Potato or egg-plant (melanzane) or Zucchine or Capsicum, etc. You can also use half-boiled egg slices. Procedure is the same.
  • The only exception is that here, the quantity of flour paste shall be more so that the vegetable slices are completely covered. Make relatively lengthier and moderate pieces compared to the onion pieces for Pakodi, so that you can put one dipped piece after the other in the oil.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Be careful while dropping the contents into the pan. Oil is dangerous if not handled well. It may cause severe burns.
  • Keep your surroundings near your stove free from water sources so that there is no chance of water drops falling into the boiling oil which leads to oil spatter and causes burns.
  • Always be alert and don’t be brisk while deep frying things, for that matter, all the time while cooking.
  • Take guidance of your elders or experienced people if you are new to working in Kitchen.

Finally if you had done it right the first time after reading our post on this site, please do leave us a comment/compliment based on your experience.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Understanding Men and Women fully reading 'Men are from Mars Women are from Venus'

This post offers our feedback about this good book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” which contains a description of various insights into understanding the nature of the men and the women in great detail. It is usual for men and women generally to expect their life partners to be the mirror images of themselves in terms of behavior, but it is very rare to find a match like that. Not only in case of life partner, but also with any other men and women (like father, mother, brothers and sisters) sometimes we try to help them thinking they would like what we do and the events turn against us. More important when we open a conversation to help someone is the ‘Timing’ and if it is wrong, the things would only become worse.

For example, men always try to be “Mr. Fix-it” and women always try to do the role of “Home-Improvement committee”, is a good example to understand the behaviors. Mr. Fixit approach of men makes them ‘solutions’ which troubles the women at times. And the woman sometimes tries to ‘improve’ the situations or the working style of husband offering guidance or unsolicited advice even when the man is not expecting that at a particular timing. When the man offers ‘solutions’ the woman thinks that he is not caring about her, not interested in her to listen about her problems, and when woman offers guidance to improve her man’s working style, he thinks that she is not believing in his capabilities. Though this kind of behaviour is not found in all the men and women, these are observed commonly in many men and women at times.

Another such example is “Men go to their Caves and Women talk”. This means that when they are facing problems, men prefer to stay alone meaning going to the caves for solving their problems alone, while women prefer to discuss about their problems. So imagine a situation when you and your spouse are facing your own problems simultaneously, and if you don’t know this simple psychological aspect about men and women then you and your spouse will think about each other in the negative way. You may think that you are already in problems and your spouse, instead of understanding you, is troubling you.

Apart from these two examples, there are many other, and John Gray, the author of this book and a PhD in Psychology explains the natural tendencies of men and women as per his experience in counseling, reveals the facts that Men and Women behave in completely different ways for reacting or while experiencing a few situations, as if they are from different planets.
Like Mars is completely different from Venus in terms of characteristics, so do are Men and Women in understanding each other. Explore this book and try to find the better ways of dealing with Men and Women especially when they are in the upset condition.

Benefit and improve your psychological understanding of the men and women around you, from reading “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Greatness lies in the Simplicity

Sooner or Later a man who wins is who thinks he can.
No Defeat if final until you stop Trying!
You only control your action and not the results. So be not motivated by results, nor be attached to inaction.

See how simple and great are the above lines. It is true that Greatness lies in the Simplicity. To become great we shall not look at the great achievements or results attained by the Great people but shall look at the path they followed to become Great.
So if we make up our mind to do good to this world by our words and deeds, then by consistently following this good path, sure on one day we would become Great.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Energy is Magnetic - Believe it and do Creative Visualization regularly

“Energy is Magnetic” at first sounds to be some physics topic dealing with electromagnetic waves or something else, right! But there is also another way of understanding it. Creative Visualization makes you to concentrate on those latent energy levels within you with which, when put in proper use, you can attract the things of similar energies from the physical plane (physical world) to achieve your goals; let them be materialistic or physical or spiritual. But there is a little longer way to go, to understand this “Energy is Magnetic” principle.

Belief is the prerequisite for achieving anything in this world. So no technique works if we don’t believe in the things we are doing or following. This fact is almost universally acceptable as some medical research has also shown that without belief even the correct medicine will not cure the illness. And the vice versa is also true to some extent that with belief, even some normal medicine would do wonders in curing the illness. It all depends on the mindset of the person.

When it comes to ‘Belief’, a man or woman has to believe in his/her self first. If you don’t believe in yourself, why and how shall anyone else in this world believe in you? Remember the good caption from the Spiderman-3 movie, “The Great Battle lies within”. This means that we must start winning with our own self first, and then we can compare us with others. In other words, ‘fight your own war’ is more appropriate.

Having said all the above, let us know focus on how can we understand that Energy is magnetic. First of all let us now have a little bit of physics in our consideration. In this universe, there are a lot of energetic cosmic waves flowing around – in and out of our solar system. We do have theories on the propagation of these waves and we all accept that all these waves have some amount of energy associated with them, and they do cause the electro magnetic effects in the medium they pass through.

Now let us see this world. What is it composed of? We all know that it is composed of matter. And any primary school kid can further explain that matter exists in three forms or phases – solids, liquids and gases, and other than these three, a vacuum can only exist.
We know that all the living creatures in this world, natural resources, rocks, mountains, biosphere, troposphere, ecological systems fall under any of these three categories of matter, or, are the combinations of these three forms of matter.

Remembering the famous equation of the great scientist Einstein, E = m.c^2, there is a correlation between the mass and velocity in terms of Energy. Let us neither discuss about the applications of this equation nor the assumptions and any background science necessary to understand it, but let us just understand that the ‘Energy’ change will occur more if there is an increment in Velocity (c – here) rather than the increment in Mass (m – here).

Now let us understand this world and the things exist and move around this world.
We have huge mountains, rivers, trees, various animals including humans, birds, fish, bacteria, viruses with hugely diverse shapes and sizes, with or without different speeds of movement and metabolism.

Mountain has a large mass associated with it, but its speed or movement is negligible unless some tectonic plates move deep inside the earth. From on the top of mountains, we have water falls and thereafter flowing rivers. Water of one liter weighs simply a kilogram and nothing more. But the same water due to its movement can cut the mountains over a course of time. This happens due to the velocity the water possesses or acquires during its flow in the water falls or in the rivers.

We have the various animals, birds, other living organisms which are swifter than mountains and water. So they have higher energy levels with respect to their speed compared to these bulky mountains or water. Again, in this case the mass is irrelevant.

The man is mightier of all these and today he controls everything in this world. Man invented machines that can crush the mountains, constructed dams that can hold the flowing water, and has also invented atom bomb and hydrogen bomb, that can destroy the world in no time. How were all these possible?

This is all possible not by the mass of the human body, but by something else. What is that ‘Something’? That something is ‘Thinking’. Applying thoughts by proper thinking. Doing things by constant thinking, and learning from doing the things. And the first thing associated with all this is simply a Thought.

What is a thought? Perhaps we may not make an equation to explain it or to understand it in terms of Physics and Chemistry. But we all experience it and know it since we are born in this world, since the day we became conscious of this world. It is also said that the human being is the only animal who is capable of advanced thinking compared to all the other animals which only think to find their food or do other natural bodily activities and have a temporary memory.

Where does this Thought arise from? It comes from the human brain, of course. And again the human brain is an organ with some matter. Then like milk, eggs and meat which come from an animal, can the thought be associated with some mass that is coming out of a human brain which is undoubtedly a mass?

Probably, the answer is ‘YES’. Because if we assume as far as today’s human knowledge is concerned, we can argue that if there is no mass existing, there must be some vacuum – which means nothing. We all know that Thought can’t be ‘nothing’. It is ‘something’ which we probably can’t exactly define today.

And we know the speed of the same ‘Thought’. If you think, you are on the Moon, you are there instantly! So is there anything faster than a thought? “NO”. So the thought is the fastest thing in this world. Even faster than the light in that way because, if we think we are reaching a particular star, we are already reaching it and probably light may need some years to reach there, otherwise why we use the term ‘Light year’. It is the distance, as we know, the light needs to travel to reach some astronomical body.

If we substitute some ‘infinity’ as the speed of thought in our equation seen above, then what is the Energy associated with it. Amazing, the Energy is also Infinite. So if we want to have energy to do something, then what is it we require the most. It is the thought. So we have found the solution for all our problems.

And so far we have gained the knowledge about the thought. but we need ‘Wisdom’ and this is needed not to make bad thoughts which result in bad actions and which finally does bad to this world.

Even without our knowledge we are always doing some thoughts and we are doing some actions following it. We are getting results – good or bad – depending on our thoughts. So our thoughts are influencing us. This is agreed.

Then how ‘Energy is magnetic’ and why we discussed now about the ‘Thoughts’. It is because we want some energy to do some actions to reach our goals, and to get this ‘motivational energy’ we need some thoughts.

Creative visualization is this thinking process, for making ‘good thoughts’ to improve ourselves and also to some extent to improve this world. What do we do in Creative visualization?
Creative visualization is a fine process of visualizing good things what you want in your life, and to keep thinking about these clearly defined things, which influences our subconscious mind to such a considerable level that we knowingly or unknowingly start doing things to reach our objective.

For example, let us consider an example. You want to go for a picnic. This is the first thought in your mind. If it is only for a millisecond, it may end up without an action. But you are repeatedly thinking due to some reason about going to a picnic. Then you start thinking to plan in your mind, as what is to be done to go for a picnic. Then you also start thinking about the place where you want to go. Then you will also think about the way to go there. You take your car, or you take a bike or you take a bus or you take a train. Then you decide on something, let us assume, that you want to use your car. Then you plan to take some food with you or you may also think to buy whenever you want in the picnic spot itself. Then you do as you have planned and you come back in the evening after enjoying your picnic, probably if you had your friends with you.
All the above actions don’t need your creative visualization. But unknowingly you have done some visualization in the conscious state itself, as this is an activity that doesn’t need lot of thinking.

But your personal life goals, your career growth, certainly need higher level of thinking. You need motivation at times to achieve your goals or dreams. So you need to think not normally but deeply.

When can you do this? You can do this when you are relaxed. When your eyes are closed, and when you are deeply concentrating on your goals and your mind is in a meditative state, i.e., in the ‘Sub-conscious’ state. This is this state of our mind, which is more important for our goals. In this state you are not simply dreaming but you are controlling what you are dreaming of.

At this stage, whatever you think about yourself for the Good, will prompt you to take such an action and this will make you successful, as the things of similar energy will attract towards you in the physical plane, as your energy level is shifted to some frequency by some constant thinking.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CutePDF Writer is the best and free software to convert any file into a PDF

CutePDF Writer is best and free software available on the internet as on now, which helps in taking printout of any document in PDF format and to be stored for future use. PDF form of documents are needed when you would like to sending some document to someone which they shall not modify.

This is particularly necessary, if an employee of a company is sending some Tender documents or Contract documents to some other company.

In general we use printers for printing purpose and save our data in the form of documents. Mainly we use documents for portability in the same way CutePDF Writer acts as a virtual printer and save our documents in the PDF form.

The main advantage of PDF (Portable Document Format) is the 'content security' as there is no chance of editing or changing the data once saved. When working or surfing on internet for quick printout we can use this software and save the required pages.

The work done by this software is same as the printer. One main advantage is we can save any number of pages in PDF form. This software can work in all versions of windows.

CutePDF requires CutePDF converter for conversion this is free for download. For Professional version, Information and guidance you can visit the following website for this software.


You get complete software by using the following link.

This is very useful and helpful software. Downloading this software is easy and takes few minutes ….. so enjoy.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Monitor is also called as ‘VDU’ Visual Display Unit. Monitors & TV set’s use ‘CRT’ Cathode Ray Tube technology initially. In the present environment a newly developed technology has changed the entire VDU’s drastically referred as ‘TFT’ Thin-Film Transistor known as LCD. In today’s world the monitor is not “Just a Display”, by HD (High Definition) a high quality video content is available today. With the High quality rendering Video and High end Graphics and Games there is an improvisation in display.

Older: In previous technology CRT is used in display stands for picture tube. In CRT there is a glass envelop consists an electron gun and a phosphor-coated screen. When a computer sends display signals to a monitor these (signals) are converted in to electrons, beamed on to the phosphor-coated screen by electron gun creating an image on the screen.

Newer: In present technology TFT technology is used in LCD displays. The main advantage of TFT is the presence of the tiny transistors that make each pixel on the screen. The power consumption is low due to the transistors being diminutive in nature. LCD is also referred as Flat screen or TFT which consists of a liquid-crystal material which is sandwiched between two sheets of glass. When the current passes the molecules inside change their alignment causes light emission on some portions and blocked on some other finally creates an image.

HD (High Definition): HD refers to a video system or stream of higher definition than the standard (SD).The resolution of a HD TV or Monitor is 1080 or 720 horizontal lines, whereas the resolution a digital television (DTV) is 486 lines.

Advantage of TFT (LCD) over CRT: TFT’s are light weight, occupies less space, radiation emission and so on. Native Resolution is present in LCD and it is absent in CRT.

Disadvantage: Response time taken is large which causes blurriness while watching action packed scenes. Viewing angle shows the difference in watching CRT & LCD.

Different aspects between CRT & LCD

Screen Size: The screen size of CRT monitor is measured diagonally across opposite corners of the screen in inches. In CRT monitor the display area is smaller because it includes screen frame where as in LCD it is measured excluding the borders.

Aspect ratio: The Aspect ratio is nothing but the ratio of width to height. In CRT & in normal TV sets it is 4:3 , where as in LCD and present technology used in TV’s there are two types of display namely Conventional & Wide screen. The present aspect ratios are 4:3 & 16:10 (used in HDTV).

Due to this Aspect ratio we may sometimes see the Black Bands at the top and Bottom.

Resolution: Resolution is the number of pixels gets active during display in the monitor. The higher the resolution gets better picture clarity. It is measured as Width * Height.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

First job versus Higher Studies - Things to know before decision making

Sometimes our life plays with us putting us in Cross roads where we have different paths to choose. And we need to really have some idea about each of the roads otherwise we may simply go in some road only to find out later that we are at a ‘Point of no return’. These cross roads are our different goals in life and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but at some point of time, we must chose only one road or one goal leaving the others. This is when the trouble starts.

For a student who has completed his basic graduation and has not achieved better academic results, the situation to choose between a small Job to start his/her professional career and to go for Higher studies, is like putting him/her at the Cross roads with the puzzle unsolved. This article only helps you to understand a little better about the practical situations of life which helps you in proper decision making.

Things to Know before this Decision making:

1. As soon as we finish our studies, we will be very eager to get a job and enter into the professional life. There is nothing wrong in that. But if we don’t get into the job we love to do, then there will not be involvement in the job in the long run and we can’t really enjoy working. In the beginning, with the joy of getting the first job, everything seems to be wonderful but slowly the truth comes out.

This is an important point to remember in life, also as per “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” book by Robin Sharma.

2. Sometimes we may need to wait for some other good opportunity to get the right job. Waiting is always terrible, but sometimes it is important to be patient and finally do something which we like and where we can involve ourselves deeply. This produces great results. Again a point learned from “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”.

3. There are two ways to get to your desired position in your profession. Particularly if your academic results are not permitting you to get what you want in the initial stages of your career or at the beginning of your career, then:

· The first option is to join in a company in some ‘not-so-great’ position and then try to put your 100% effort and rise in steps to reach your dream position. This really needs a lot of patience, perseverance and hard work. This option also puts you under pressure as there will be some of your friends or juniors who might have chosen the other option and may go forward a little faster than you. But this way of hard-working in the Profession also builds your strong resolve by giving you some life experiences. Based on the company you are working in, the growth will vary, and probably you may grow faster too. But in India, we can’t expect that all the companies are really professional, as they initially appear to be, for a new comer.

· Alternatively, you have the second optionthe Higher studies like M.Tech from reputed universities like IITs, NITs, where if you put again 100% of your effort, you will skip all the low level jobs and can join at a higher level, directly into your dream position. The growth will be initially slow because you are already at a higher position. This option may not present good life experiences at the beginning, but it gives you command over what you are doing and you can always have a chance to lead the people. If you are not egoistic, you can easily get to know about all the experiences of the lower level jobs by interacting with the people working in those positions.

4. There are both some advantages and disadvantages with both big and small companies. In Small companies, you will not get a good salary but with your good attitude you may approach anyone and can make a good relation with your colleagues and even with all your big bosses, you can learn many things even if they are not relating to your discipline. In Big companies, the salary will be attractive, but you rarely meet your big bosses, there will be too many colleagues and the scope for learning beyond your discipline will be limited. And when it comes to recognition, your job in a small company initially may not create a value for your resume whereas a job in a big company will do so. But what are more important to us, in whatever kind of company we join, are the ‘Knowledge we gain’ and ‘the way we mould our career’ utilizing the opportunities that come to us.

5. Wherever we go we see and find the different kinds of people – good, bad, jealous, cooperative, etc. Life teaches us the lessons through our experiences, but our good attitude will pay off properly at times, so it is really more important to have a strong good character, and you shall keep charging yourself with positive ideas, reading inspirational books, interacting with your near and dear, taking the valuable suggestions of your well-wishers.

6. Professional life is not as easy as the Student life. The Student only worries about marks, grades, job opportunities. There are parents to take care of the students for personal needs, and there are lecturers and the institute, who take care of education, but in the Profession there are many factors involved, and the person is more responsible in terms of delivering the output producing satisfactory results, dealing with superiors and with sub-ordinates. A Student only receives, but the Professional always delivers. A Student is accountable only for his results. A Professional is accountable also on behalf of his sub-ordinates. So a Professional must have good determination, communication skills and team building skills in high amounts than those required by a Student. And every Student will become a Professional someday to face all these challenges. So be prepared for it – to change yourself from a Student into a Professional.

If you are really good at Time-management, and if your Profession permits you to have a fixed working hours schedule, you may also think first to join a company and start working and simultaneously prepare for some higher studies so that when you achieve a great result, you can quit your job in between and can continue your higher studies full time. This way, your first job also provides some value to you in understanding things while you do some specific projects in your higher studies, which again will help you in your further professional life.

Remember these points, and prepare yourself thinking in the positive way discovering your own strengths besides knowing your personal goals. “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” book really helps you in sorting out what is important to you. Once you know what exactly do you want, then your goals are half achieved. And don’t take any decision which puts you on the other road far from reaching your goal. For this reason, you may even lose opportunities at the beginning, but do only what you want to do.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Introduction: We all know RAM places a major role in increasing the speed of processing.

RAM is referred as Random Access Memory. It stores data temporarily; it is a volatile memory that erases all the data contained when the computer is switched off. When system is on the major files i.e system files are stored in the ram for quick processing when needed. The background programs like antivirus and many other are stored in RAM for quick processing. This makes the processing slower for other applications as huge amount of memory is allocated for such programs. So by inserting the RAM in DIMM modules we can extend our primary memory. It depend upon number of DIMM modules.

In Ram the data is randomly stored that why it is called RAM, as the data is accessed by the processor randomly.

Ram is different from ROM as ROM is read only Memory. There are mainly two types of RAM

· Static RAM (SRAM)

· Dynamic RAM (DRAM)

Static RAM is used mainly where high speed memory is needed as they are faster.

Ex:- L2 cache memory of CPU.

The cost of SRAM is more when compared to DRAM.

Dynamic RAM is most commonly used memory in the computer as it is slower than SRAM and less in cost.


RAM stores data for shorter period of time and discards it once it is not required by the processor or when the computer is switched off. It cannot store permanently so we require hard drives to store our data permanently.

Among the static and Dynamic RAM DRAM is the most commonly used. Its sub types are as follows…..

SDRAM- Synchronized Dynamic RAM, here the speed of RAM is synchronized with the CPU clock pulse. This helps in pipelining the read and write requests which enables SDRAM to accept certain commands when processing other.

DDR- DDR stands for Double Data Rate RAM which is an enhanced version of SDRAM, as the name suggests this memory doubles the bandwidth of the SDRAM.

DDR2- It is the second generation of DDR which uses low voltages and have prominent performance. It works on the principle of Differential Signaling.

DDR3- DDR3 is the third generation and improvised version of DDR2, due to the factors like Increased clock speed and higher bandwidth, low voltages and power consumption.

DDR2 are most popularly used in these days due to speeds from 533 – 800 MHZ.



IEEE – 1394 : This port is called Fire Wire first developed by APPLE, it is a high speed bus system and is used to connect multimedia and storage peripherals .

USB: Universal Serial Bus is the interface and standard for the present devices like Digital cameras, Flash Drives and many other.

COM(serial): The COM or communication port is used mainly connecting mice & external Modems, Presently USB has taken as standard.

COM( parallel): These ports are mainly used for printers and scanners.

PS2: There are two ports which are used by mouse and keyboard.

VGA: This port is mainly used for CRT and TFT monitors.

DVI: This port is used for connecting LCD/TFT monitors for receiving pure and lossless signals.

Ethernet: This port is used for connecting the PC to a network (Internet, wan, Lan).

DIMM slots: These slots are used to install memory modules .The number of DIMM slots increase the amount of RAM.

SATA: This is the newer generation cable consisting of 4 wires creates a point to point connection between devices. The transfer rate of about 150 Mbps to 300 Mbps and extend up to 1 meter. This replaces the IDE cables which are 40 cm long with 40 or 80 thin wires together with less band width.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Introduction:- Motherboards are the most vital core component in a computer. The motherboard shuffles the data to the various components eventually in processing and result in output.
Data needs a medium to travel between various components inside a computer. Motherboard comprises of more electrical components such as processors, capacitors, resistors, cables on the circuit. The fine tracks running all over the computer helps in connecting different components and these series of lines are called a bus.

Parts Present on the Motherboard:- The basic component and slots are as follows
· Processor socket
· Heat pipes (or) Fans
· Power connector
· IDE ports for Hard drives & optical drives
· SATA port hard drives (new Motherboards)
· USB headers & Optional additional USB ports
· PCI Expansion slots
· USB, Ethernet, Sound ports.
· PCIe slot for Graphical cards (New Motherboards)

Working:- The components are directly or indirectly connected to the motherboard. Extension PCI cards or Graphics cards are connected to the respected ports.

Motherboard consists of some essential components as follows….
Chipset:- Chipset is the one which drives the motherboard. It determines the compatibility with the core components such as processor, memory and graphics card ,USB, Ethernet, multi GPU support and RAID are determined by the motherboard.
The major Motherboard production companies are INTEL, AMD, NVIDIA, VIA, and SIS.
The chipset mainly comprises of Northbridge and Southbridge.

Northbridge- This is the chip which interconnects the CPU, RAM, Graphics card and the southbridge. It is placed in the upper half of the motherboard.

Southbridge- This is also referred as ICH or I/O controller Hub, this chip connects all
the input and the output ports of the computer to the processor through the northbridge. The southbridge defines what onboard IDE, USB, Sound, Ethernet adapter goes into the system.

FSB- This is the bus that facilitates the communication between the cpu and the Northbridge.

CPU Socket- Here the processor is installed. Here the Processor pins (PGA) are placed in on the board contains tiny holes socket (LGA) for pins.

BIOS- Basic Input Output System called bios which resides on a CMOS chip contains program at the time of manufacturing. It stores default settings of Northbridge, southbridge, memory configuration and the CPU settings, voltage and so on. This will generally use to store the default settings of the system in case of malfunctioning.



Hello friends,
The major component of the computer which computes all the functions in the computer is the PROCESSOR.

Introduction:- All of us know what the processor is? How it functions, but we have to know the types and functionality of the processors. The processor acts as a brain to the computer. The processor is one of most important core component in a computer which is mounted on the mother board. It performs complex mathematical calculations with the data we input. INTEL as well as AMD family processors become a generic term for computers.

Types:- Today a single core is nearly to dissolve, as the fastest computing places a prominent role more than one processor is needed for the home as well as business environments. The server systems need more than …
After single core processors, Dual core processors become a minimal standard for the present hardware
environment. Today the major companies like INTEL & AMD has provided Dual Core processors.
Now these companies are looking for the Quad Core processors. We couldn’t imagine how much fast the computing takes place. There is a new trend OCTA-Core consisting of 8 processors may takes place after Quad core.
For more information about the processors go to for pentium processor family & for AMD Processors.

WORKING:- CPU – Registers + L1 cache.

Cache:- Cache is the temporary storage on the CPU die where frequently accessed data is stored for a quick reference. This makes the process of computing faster and more efficient.

L1 Cache:- L1 cache is a tiny memory cache which is built on the cpu and is faster than the L2 cache. It helps in speedy access to frequently accessed data required for processing.

L2 cache:- L2 or level two cache is used for faster data access but it does not share the same characteristics of L1. L2 is external to the CPU but is slower than L1.

BUS:- Bus stands for Bidirectional Universal Switch, It changes the course of incoming and outgoing data. Buses are controlled by device drivers in a PC.

FSB:- Front Side Bus is referred as system bus carries all the electronic information between the processor and the mother board chipset. The faster the FSB, the faster the processor can communicate with the memory and the chipset.

Clock Speed:- The clock speed is the speed at which the processor can complete processing cycles which basically includes number crunching. The speed is measured in MHZ & GHZ.

These are the basic components in the processor, but there are other features integrated in the newly developed processors.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

INTEL 845 NEW Version GRAPHICS Controller

We are using the older version of graphics software for Intel 845 Mother Board. INTEL has developed the software with new feature which boost the graphic effect on the older MOTHER BOARDS. The new version software has the enhance feature, which makes the older one better. The feature is best with the MEDIA CENTER EDITION of XP. We can see some visual effects by the newer version. This particular version of graphic software is good for WINDOWS VISTA also. By default it denote that this is not compatible with windows vista, but by the option recommended settings we can install in vista also. This software makes feel us better with the previous versions. If the graphics card i.e on board has at least 64 Mb of graphics memory , it helps in increasing the effect visually. It takes less time to download . The new version is downloaded from the following website.
intel or get
DIRECT download from the link given below

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Burrascraft: XPS Viewer

Today the file formats are taking a prominent role in saving our text data. Generally we use either

‘ Text ‘ or ‘Doc’ format in saving the text. It has chance to change the content of the text by other, so if we store our text in either ‘PDF’ or in ‘XPS’ format there is no possibility in editing the text.

Then the question arises “How can we view the XPS format in Windows XP or Server ?”

Here I have answer to say

If you are using MSOffice 2007, then there is a possibility of saving the text in those two formats. MSOffice 2007 gives an option to save the text in either PDF or in XPS format by just installing the plugin “save as PDF or XPS” which will be downloaded through the link given below.


The major advantage of saving the text in above mentioned format is to save the disk space , amount of size, easy to transfer and security.

The PDF format is well known to us but, the XPS format is known only for Windows vista Users where they can get an option as default. Here they can view the XPS documents. But if you want to view the XPS Doc in Windows you have to DOWNLOAD the XPS Viewer EP. Just click on the below link to get it.

XPS Viewer

Add-in :PDF and XPS for MSOFFICE 2007

Today the file formats are taking a prominent role in saving our text data. Generally we use either

‘ Text ‘ or ‘Doc’ format in saving the text. It has chance to change the content of the text by other, so if we store our text in either ‘PDF’ or in ‘XPS’ format there is no possibility in editing the text.

Then the question arises “How can we save our text in PDF or in XPS formats?”

Here I have answer to say

If you are using MSOffice 2007, then there is a possibility of saving the text in those two formats. MSOffice 2007 gives an option to save the text in either XPS or PDF by just installing the plugin by the link given below.

The major advantage of saving the text in above mentioned formats is to save the disk space , amount of size, easy to transfer and security.

The PDF format is well known to us but, the XPS format is known only for Windows vista Users where they can get an option as default. Here they can only view the XPS documents.

If you install the plugin in MSOffice 2007,then you can save in XPS format.

So, be quick to get the plugin and get the features of it.

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