Mathematics and economics of Vegetarian and Meat based diets

Continuing the insights shared in this post, “ Is the violence in the vegetarian diet the same as that of meat? ”  we share some insights/ideas about this debatable topic of vegetarianism. A person is said to be following the Vedic way of life, if he just follows ONE rule – ‘ Accept the Truth, Reject the Falsehood ’. For that one need to question on everything be it religion or the parents or the society and finally don’t simply believe in certain things just because you were asked to believe.

Is the Violence in Vegetarian diet the same as that of the Meat?

"Ah, nowadays Vegetarianism has become a movement or a cult, as people tend to label the meat lovers are ruthless people." This is the common argument when a vegetarian or a vegan tries to educate the meat lovers about the need of being vegetarian for various reasons. Some of the meat lovers are fooled by the so called nutritionists and doctors who make them believe that meat can’t be totally avoided to get complete protein. People simply feel convenient when they hear this from their doctors and take pride in believing in science and technology and tend to ridicule the noble concepts of vegetarianism and ahimsa (non-violence). And when some people get cancer kind of diseases at some later phase of their life, they tend to blame the God, the environment, the pollution, the drugs and all other stuff, but conveniently forget their past actions of eating big macs, burgers, cheese cakes, microwaved or grilled red meats which had increased their total and bad cholest

Doing Meditation either for Spiritual progress or for Peace or for Health is most beneficial

Those who MEDITATE regularly and do a little bit of Yoga and those who eat SAATTVIC food (food that causes Serene Behaviour) like Vegetarian or Vegan diet, will need less sleep, not more than 6 hours a day! We don’t make a scientific claim here, but based on the widely available information to the public on internet, we just put forward our observation based on experience. There is a lot to be known about meditation for spiritual progress. There are many articles written on ViprasCraft about Philosophy and Spirituality.

Raising your inner happiness raises the happiness in the World

Raising your 'Real inner happiness' raises/increases the happiness of the World. Every one of us has the potential to raise the inner happiness in the mind of self first, and thereby increase the happiness of the world. Real happiness won't come just by the accumulation of the wealth, fame or material prosperity. There are innumerable examples in the world and in the history for this. Real happiness only comes when we contribute, mark it, when we contribute only . A quick remembrance of all the so-called influential people both good and bad, in the annals of history, reveals the fact that those who contributed for the good, to the world at large, have been hailed as heroes and role models while those others who were fascist or authoritarian in their approach have been denounced as disgraceful people.

Create unique Login Password for every site without the need of special password management software

If we are a bit creative (which everyone of us is capable of), there is no need of any special password management software to generate the unique password for every site which needs you to login with some username and password. Let us share some ideas in this post. As we all know almost all the important sites - like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc, - all banking sites like ING, SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Citibank, etc, - many federal government operated sites like the Income Tax Department, etc, - all travel websites like makemytrip, yaatra, etc - all of them need us to have a unique username and password. Some of these sites are also particular about using the password of a particular length like 8 characters, some even more specific and require us to include special allowable characters like '_', '@', '*', etc.

Need of Human Relations and Inter-Personal skills in the Office/Work environment

To explain better about the Human Relations, ie., the Inter-Personal Communication skills in a work environment, we present to you a letter written by a colleague 'Anand' to his friend and co-worker 'Vikas' as the latter was often suffering from low self-esteem, a little bit of Superiority complex due to his Ego and also a little bit of Inferiority complex due to the insecurities he had in his mind. In this real life story (names changed and alias names used to protect privacy), the person Anand is always looking for continuous improvement and evaluating his performance based on the values he learnt from various leadership and personality development books, while his friend and colleague Vikas was obsessed with Self-doubt and he always expected others to appreciate him, and he hadn't made an effort to realize his own weaknesses, let alone the conversion of such weaknesses to strengths. He was never happy with the responsibilities he got in his job though he an

Simple Facts of Life but with Great Meaning and Philosophy

The following sentences are a rough translation in English of a Telugu song sung by Swami Sundara Chaitanyananda, in his audio series of 'Chaitanya Gaanam' which is mostly the Absolute ancient Indian philosophy sung in simple Telugu for the common public. ***** "Nobody  knows for which karma( action) what would be the result.  No one  escapes from undergoing their karma phala(results ) of their actions(karma). Invisible are the winds that shake the trees, Invisible are the results of 'karma' that mind does not grasp. But no one knows what happens within  a momment. Drama of life closes within seconds though it is played for a long time. That which is not and can't be yours can never be yours,  that  which is yours, and is for you, can never leave you. So don't wish to leave which are with you and aspire for which, which are not with you. Do not feel that there is no purpose for the happenings of  gaining and  losing in life. Favour and disfav