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Krodha(Anger) m eans a  strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.   Fear and sadness are primary emotions before one gets Anger. It is a  strong emotion we experience when we think someone has done wrong. Anger(Krodh) is an excessive mental turmoil on account of the obstacles in the gratification of some desire.   It is an unpleasant emotion that does more harm to the giver than to the receiver. It is one of the six bad vices viz., Kama(desire/passion), Krodha(Anger ), Lobha(greed), Moha(bondage), Mada(ego), and Mastsarya(jealousy).  Man acquires  Kama and Krodha by birth. These are inborn qualities and cannot be wiped off completely because they are necessary for every human being to eke out his livelihood,  but can be controlled to a  possible extent while leading a pious life. In Bhagavath  Githa Lord Sri Krishna described  Anger in Chap. 2 verse 63:- Krodhad bhavati sammohah - sammohat smrti  vibhramaha                                    smrti  bhramsad bud