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Generally, we know that faith is confidence or trust in a person. It is very essential between wife and husband to lead their marital life happily. In the religious view faith and confidence are both required for spiritual growth. If we come to the point of realization of God, it is the real foundation of the entire structure of spirituality. Faith in reality and faith in the right course is meant for realization. It is a lively link between mortal and immortal and is one of the six sympathies of the third sadhana of yoga. Regarding faith , we know the story of bakth Prahlad son of Hiranyakasyap, an evil daitya king. Prahlad is a devoti of Lord Vishnu. Hiranya Kashyap did not like his son to be the bhaktha of his enemy Lord Vishnu. Despite several warnings from his father, Prahlad continues to worship Lord Vishnu.  Then Hiranyakashyap decided to kill Prahlad. He adapted each and every method to kill his son. He even tried to trample his son with elephants also. But Prahlad f