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The Real Way of Life as defined by Sahaj Marg

If you are a follower of Sahaj Marg, you might know very well what Mahatma Sri Ramachandraji Maharaj says about the Way of Life. However for the first time readers/visitors, here is the summary of Babuji’s spiritual wisdom.

The end of ‘Religion’ is the beginning of ‘Spirituality’, the end of ‘Spirituality’ is the beginning of ‘Reality’ and the end of ‘Reality’ is the ‘Real Bliss’. When that too is gone we have reached the ‘Destination’.

That is it. That is Sahaj Marg and Babuji’s great and priceless message summarized for you!

What we can understand from the above sentences is that one has to evolve step by step from the stages of Religion, Spirituality, Reality and Bliss and further  on to the real goal of life i.e., mergence with the Ultimate  losing total individuality.  For this one need not leave his regular way of life.  Only thing one has to do is to regularize one’s way of life.

Every enduring Religion preaches ‘Good’ to the humanity. But at the same time Religion is a total sum of so many formalities and dogmas which might have been prescribed for the good of humanity.  But many of them have become out dated in the due course of time and became mere superstitions. Moreover the outward formalities of Religions differ from each other and thereby lead to enmity between them. Now the world is passing through this kind of toughness facing fanaticism, terrorism in the name of religion especially. This shows that people have taken the religion as the final ‘One and only Thing’ and they do not want to go beyond it.  If they evolve from the state of Religion and enter into spirituality, the situation will definitely change.

At the stage of religion, one gets already framed rules and regulations and so many formalities to face the difficulties in day to day life. So one has to refer to the religious scriptures whenever he comes across the problems of life. In this regard some may become experts by by-hearting and learning them, they become so-called Gurus, Masters, Preachers, etc as praised by their followers.  They give suggestions to others lessening the common man’s strain to read and learn thereby saving their time. This is Religion as is apparent to many in this world.

One has to know that there is much beyond Religion and to crossing it allows them to enter into Spirituality.

Spirituality is the practical part. It is not mere reading and enjoying. It is doing and having. By spiritual practice one will get discriminating power by which he decides what is wrong and what is right, and tends to act rightly because of his discriminating abilities. He need not necessarily run for scriptures to know what is right and how to react to the worldly happenings.  He won’t give much importance to the religion.  At every moment his discriminating   power will help him to proceed further in the right way.  The question of hatred and clash does not arise to this kind of people.  The society will flourish with their attitude. They will exert their personal magnetism, though not intentional, and will have positive effect on their fellowmen.

The spiritual practice will lead to Reality because their discrimination always leads to good and they maintain a harmonious and satisfactory life duly removing the obstacles in their way of life in the society.  The main obstacles in this practice are irregular, inconsistent and negative thinking.  When these are vanished the Reality is at Dawn.

A man with Reality will be blessed with Bliss (Anand) and in due course he will become the bliss itself.  That means he loses his identity duly drowned in the bliss.  Bliss is an experience where one feels neither happiness nor sorrow.  He becomes beyond both.  He lives a life of contentment in tune with the Nature. The world will recognize him with his simplicity.  These simple, pure, pious and sacred people will merge themselves into the highest i.e., the Almighty, the Paramathma, the Bhagavan, with whatever name you call Him.

Our way of life should go on these lines.  For which one has to cross the limits of Religion at the earliest possible time and proceed to reach our final destination. There is no other better path than this. Courtesy:Sri. P. Subbarayudu(Preceptor) and Sri. B.E. Sampath Kumar (Abhyasi) of Sri Rama Chandra Maharaj Seva Trust, Kadapa.

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