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Value of the Human Body

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

The Human body which is useless if life is lost, should be preserved as long as life lasts. Has this body always been like this? No, the body that is now beautiful, firm, and attractive will after some time become loose, unattractive, emaciated, and eventually fall off. We must not forget this.

We must always remember that this body is not me, it is only an instrument that I use. Just like how I use my watch carefully, how I keep it clean, how I get it repaired when it won't work, and how new parts are installed I should keep the body in the same way, clean, well-dressed, nourished, and beautified. It should be kept healthy, and if necessary, the failed organs should be repaired through medicines. But we should not forget one thing and remember that it is a tool to be used for an important task because it is not permanent. It should be used wisely and carefully for knowing the truth and for the realization of God but not for the purpose of only feeding it. Waste paper, broken plastic items, iron scrap, etc., can be sold in the market. Even the dead animals' skin, meat, teeth, etc., also can be sold in the market. But no one buys a dead human body and no one takes it even though money is offered for it.

So why should people strive hard for this useless pile of dirt so long as they live by deceiving and cheating others, grabbing others' properties, telling lies, fighting with each other on religious issues, committing brutal murders, etc.,?

After death, it is not worth a penny and no one in the house cares about its preservation. Even the wife/husband will be afraid of keeping it safe at least in one corner of the house for some days. The blood relations, friends, etc., keep the body as early as possible on fire and all leave the burial ground. So is it wise to waste our lives by utilizing this body for worldly affairs as it is useless after death? So try to learn how to utilize this body for the purpose for which God has given this body as long as it survives in this world.

The Vedas glorify the Human Body as the Temple and the Dehi(Jeevathma) residing in this Temple is none other than the Supreme Lord.

The body is a very important vehicle. It cannot be neglected as it serves as the medium for the soul and it takes the soul to reach it's destination which can either be another material body or liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

The real purpose of the body before it perishes is to achieve four aims called Purusharthas. These are Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. These provide everyone with opportunities to act morally and ethically, lead a good life, behave in a way that provides good karma in this life and finally end the cycle of birth and death and attain liberation. This is the correct way to love and utilize the body in the right perspective way.

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